Honor Thy Tailgate

Like most football fans, when I make the trek to see a game live, I do so in pursuit of a successful dichotomy. The perfect day means that of course, my team won. But equally important and entirely under my control is the unbridled fun that comes with properly tailgating…. [Read More]

Prince Ea is a Hypocrite, But aren’t We All?

Prince Ea’s most popular video (above), “Can We Autocorrect Humanity?”, asks a lot of important/alliterated/rhymed questions: Are our touch screens making us lose touch? Who’s telling us we can only post old photos on Thursday? Do we have the patience to have a “cnvrstn” without “abbrvtn”? Or vowels for that… [Read More]

But What About #SheForShe?

Fresh off the heels of Emma Watson’s phenomenal speech on women’s equality for the U.N, #HeForShe and a strong response to the backlash against feminism have taken off. But getting men to support feminism, both for their gender counterparts and themselves, isn’t the only problem. Sites like Elite Daily and Thought Catalog… [Read More]

The Selfish Tribe of ‘Transparent’

[MILD SPOILERS] In the pilot of Transparent, Jeffrey Tambor’s Maura Pfefferman rhetorically asks her support group, “how did I raise three such selfish kids?” Given that his character is fresh off a failed attempt to quell her three adult children’s bickering and come out to them as a transgender woman… [Read More]

BlackBerry is Officially the RiFF RAFF of the Mobile Market

In case you were still fooling around with your new iPhone trying to figure out how to meta-delete inappropriate photos in iOS8, you might’ve missed that BlackBerry is spinning out some new hardware of its own. With its awkwardly square design, the aptly named Passport is BlackBerry’s first real take on… [Read More]

Jobr is for Lovrs

When a friend introduced me to an app called Jobr, I thought she was messing with me. She dubbed it ‘an unholy lovechild between LinkedIn and Tinder, spawned in the most debased, Google-glassiest annals of Silicon Valley.’ It turned out to be a fairly accurate description. Copying the “swipe-left, swipe-right”… [Read More]

What’s In Your Personal Derek Jeter Gift Basket?

As the career of Yankee great Derek Jeter enters its final weeks, we got to thinking about the alleged post-coital gift basket that Derek gives to women who have spent the night at his Trump Tower pad. Today, in a lengthy New York Magazine profile, Derek denied the three-year rumor, calling… [Read More]