If you’re like most warm-blooded Americans, you hate your cable provider. It sucks your money, the quality of its product offerings is poor, and its customer service department is basically an endless maze that encourages you to give up at every turn. By comparison, your boy Frank Underwood, your girl Piper Chapman, and Netflix seem like saints. Streaming video is on an explosive rise, and the various tech players that have tried their hand at disrupting the TV industry are making themselves heard. The story around TV the past year or two as a result has been about whether we’re seeing the beginning of the end for cable providers and “traditional” television, but how close are we really? The numbers are there for the first time – in 2013, the pay-TV industry lost 251,000 subscribers. That’s not a lot, but it’s the first full year of decline, so you have… [Read More]

What’s with Drake and Sports?

You may have seen this image of Drake standing solemnly in a crowd, looking dejected in a University of Kentucky jacket as the Wildcats lost the the national championship to UCONN. Or maybe you saw Drake on NBA Countdown last Wednesday night debating Lebron vs Durant with Bill Simmons, Jalen… [Read More]

It’s Time to Talk about “It’s Album Time”

Andy and Victor chat about It’s Album Time, the stellar new album from  Norwegian DJ Todd Terje. Victor So I’m currently on my first full listen of Todd Terje’s debut LP, It’s Album Time. It’s important to note that I’m also sitting in a Pöang chair from Ikea right now. Things… [Read More]

What Oculus Rift Shouldn’t Be Used for, but Probably Will Anyway

The virtual-reality device Oculus Rift has become the most funded project on Kickstarter to date. And on March 25th, the notorious tech giant Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR, the company behind Oculus Rift. Although originally conceived as the next ground-breaking gaming platform, Zuckerberg has envisioned other in-home… [Read More]

The Coachella Debate: Bros & Cons

When did Coachella become a divisive subject? Somehow we can’t even agree on whether or not a three-day music festival in the middle of the desert is a good idea. Andy Verderosa doesn’t think you go, Sasha Bortnik does. Andy: I feel like the general momentum of the internet has… [Read More]

What’s Up With You, Coolio?

Is Coolio making a comeback or has he always been here? About 5 months ago I sat in a bar in Silver Lake, California that had a stack of records alongside their bottles of vodka, gin, and all sorts of darks and lights, and I noticed Coolio’s Coolio: It Takes… [Read More]

How I [Should Have] Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother’s highly anticipated series finale aired last night, and fans took to social media with their utter dismay at the completely contrived ending, in which a series of improbable events occurred that completely negated several seasons of character development. Forget Barney’s love for Robin as a… [Read More]