What’s In Your Personal Derek Jeter Gift Basket?

As the career of Yankee great Derek Jeter enters its final weeks, we got to thinking about the alleged post-coital gift basket that Derek gives to women who have spent the night at his Trump Tower pad. Today, in a lengthy New York Magazine profile, Derek denied the three-year rumor, calling… [Read More]

Peyton Manning is My Father, Part II

This is part II in an epic, completely fictional series starring Peyton Manning, a 38-year-old future hall of fame quarterback, and me, a 24-year-old Denver Broncos fan who feels that Peyton is, in a figurative sense, his father. To read part I, click here. A loud CLANG jolts me awake…. [Read More]

In Silicon Valley We Trust

“I was walking to a team meeting where I was going to announce that we would likely have to lay off nearly all of our employees because we unexpectedly had almost no money left, and that it was all my fault. On the way, my co-founder and our CTO stopped… [Read More]

Do Girls Actually Use LuLu?

A year or two ago a friend’s girlfriend showed me my profile on LuLu, an app in which women review men. I was taken aback and immediately full of questions. Was there really some sort of secret society of digital women judging my every move? I understood why my humor might be ranked so… [Read More]

Just How Deep is ‘The Leftovers’ Willing to Take Us?

The Leftovers, everyone’s favorite new show to passionately either love or hate, aired its Season 1 finale this past Sunday. Like any show just starting out, it spent most of its first season explaining to viewers what it was on the surface while simultaneously stumbling to find its footing underneath…. [Read More]

Popped a Molly, I’m Bettin’

We would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled browsing to discuss the latest golden nugget from our favorite real life depiction of Mad Libs, the NFL news cycle. Wes Welker was suspended four games for testing positive for amphetamines, which Deadspin is reporting as due to his taking speed-laced molly… [Read More]

Let’s Sit Down and Talk about Will Smith

I was on Will Smith’s IMDB page today, because I felt like being there, and after seeing Bad Boys 3 and Hancock 2 “announced” near the top, then scrolling through the last few years of his film career, I got really depressed. So naturally I scrolled even further down to… [Read More]

PHHHOTO and Exploring New Social Media Networks

Before social media went mainstream, communities interacted through forums centered around specific interests, comments on sites like ebaumsworld, and internet chatrooms. Following this sort of internet stone age, digital networks built around the people we see in our daily lives became popular at scale. First MySpace allowed us to share pictures… [Read More]