VH1’s Dating Naked is exactly what you’d expect it to be. And I love it. Dating shows aren’t new, but meeting someone for the first time completely nude and then going on a date all while trying to avert your eyes is totally 2014. Dating Naked claims to strip people… [Read More]

Just How Stupid Are the ESPYs?

The idea of an award show for sports doesn’t seem altogether like a stupid idea, both from an entertainment and business standpoint. Award shows get more viewers than ever, and fans, always eager for an opportunity to argue and compare, have yet another outlet in which to judge world class… [Read More]

Who Are the Real Winners of the Lebron Signing?

While Lebron signing is great for the city of Cleveland and its fans, there are way more winners of “The Letter” than you might expect. Here are the real winners. Usher He owns a minority stake in the Cavs. More like U Got it GOOD, Ursher BB. Johnny Manziel Nike’s Ad… [Read More]

3 Things Lebron Will Do Upon His Return to Cleveland

1. Eat at his local McDonalds. McDonald’s is the second largest food franchise in the world and is known for their consistency. However, no other restaurant can get the special sauce on the Big Mac just right like the one Lebron frequents at home. 2. Start his Residency at Cleveland’s Anatomy… [Read More]

4 More Dumb Kickstarters That Might Be Worth Funding

We’ve all heard about “Potato Salad kid” – a project on kickstarter that got 465778% of its money raised for one man’s potato salad, and growing.  Sure, Zachary Danger Brown (not a kid) made a really dumb Kickstarter. Since you seem to love throwing cash at any cause you find… [Read More]

Praise the Tube

I don’t really watch T.V. I use Netflix and HBOGO and watch certain shows that I like, like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, I do like Scandal I won’t deny that, it’s just one of those addicting shows, like a bad but good romance novel. I like House of Cards, Orange… [Read More]

The World’s Most Watched Public Shaming Ever

There is a German word for what Germany did to Brazil yesterday. Schadenfreude. It means to derive pleasure through the misfortunes of others. Sounds about right. Adding insult to industry, as if losing on their own home turf as favorites was bad enough, early TV estimates show that it was… [Read More]

The 5 Worst Kinds of Snapchats

Snapchat is great. It makes us feel like our friends care about us so much they want to share bits of their life with us. In reality most people are really only paying attention to one Snapchat story: their own. This doesn’t mean all snapchats are bad. A nice video… [Read More]

Turn Up For What: The Anti-Summer Jams

As we approach the 4th of July weekend, perhaps the most important question on everyone’s mind is not “where should I watch the fireworks,” but instead “what should be on my summer playlist?” The search for this year’s summer jam has been written about at great length. It would seem… [Read More]