Drunk Movie Review: ‘Interstellar’

Back in February, I wrote about Matthew McConaughey’s recent string of good decisions, and the article ended with speculation on whether or not his latest project, Interstellar, would continue the trend. The movie has finally been released, and naturally, I longed to sate my curiosity. There was one hiccup. I… [Read More]

5 of the Weirdest NBA Stories From the Season So Far

Now 4 weeks into the 2014-2015 NBA season, there are already so many interesting storylines brewing across the league. For starters, we now know that the Cavs won’t be winning 70 games, the poor man’s Memphis Grizzles are a league best 10-2 and the LA Clippers oddly seem more deflated now… [Read More]

The Net Neutrality Manifesto

Internet Service Provider and Internet user, patrician and plebeian, Apple and Samsung, restricted Wi-Fi and Instagram-master, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stand in a constant opposition to one another, carry on an uninterrupted, once hidden, now widely searchable hashtagged fight. A fight that will this time end, either in… [Read More]

10 Things Our Grandkids Will Make Fun of Us for in 2070

Everyone besides Pharrell gets old eventually. It’s inevitable. Sure, if you’re a millennial or younger, that’s hard to imagine right now. But the process of you becoming old, aka uncool, is already in motion. There are kids in diapers at this very moment that will be cooler than you in… [Read More]

How to Prepare for Your Winter Body

It finally dipped below 70 degrees in my city and I’m taking it as a sign from our Father Nature Al Gore that it is officially winter. Winter is an underrated season, overshadowed by its polar opposite, summer, but let me tell you — winter has PERKS. First of all,… [Read More]

Examining Spotify’s “Falling in Love” Playlist

I’ve spent the last few hours listening to a series of love songs. More specifically, the Spotify playlists titled “Falling in Love” made by the Romeos over at Spotify. Why? Maybe because I’m a masochist, but also because there 24,606 people subscribed to this playlist, meaning that these 17 tracks… [Read More]

Grumpy Cat Won’t Steal Christmas (or Your Heart)

Remember 2012? I almost do. It was the year of the London Olympics, Facebook’s IPO, Gangnam style, Obama Part 2, and most importantly, the year the world met a sour-faced little Siamese Snowshoe cat named Tardar Sauce. The internet knows her, affectionately, as Grumpy Cat. The meme exploded during April… [Read More]

High Art: Weird is the New Good

I’ve always been a fan of the absurd. I spent most of my high school Saturday evenings sprawled across living room floors with friends watching terrible ’80s horror movies like House IV  and kids movies like Going Bananas. Whether it was a woman fighting a demon-posessed talking pizza or a… [Read More]

Football Celebrations Are Doomed By Hubris

One of my favorite characters from Greek mythology is the hubristic adventurer Icarus. As the tale goes, Icarus’ father, a master craftsman, fixed him wings composed of wax and feathers so that he might experience the sensation of flight. The only warning Icarus received from his father was to not… [Read More]

Why I Haven’t Requested a Standing Desk at Work

I work at an online media and advertising agency, which like so many other new or startup companies, features an open office floor plan. When you enter through the double doors from the lobby, everything and everyone is in front of you, which can be a bit intimidating if you’re… [Read More]