The first meeting after the end of awards season was always brutal. If they were lucky they didn’t lose any members, but usually there was always one or two. It was worst for the ones who had been nominated and were returning empty-handed. Months of campaigning where, even when they… [Read More]

Women IRL? Not Really

The other day, I was sitting at my kitchen counter, working on my laptop (read: Facebooking), and eating peanut butter toast. Considering my track record, I deserve a medal of bravery for eating or drinking anything within ten feet of my laptop. However I am a humble individual, so I… [Read More]

Can Comedy Connect on Netflix?

As Netflix’s latest play in the War on Broadcast Television, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Tina Fey’s long-awaited pet project, hit their servers two weeks ago. The show’s premise is delightfully bizarre—Kimmy Schmidt and her fellow “mole women” are released from their bunker after 15 years of imprisonment and into the harsh… [Read More]

How to Tell a Snapstory Worth Watching

We’re all guilty of it: the meandering, incoherent, maybe-were-actually-drunk-but-definitely-acting-like-it-because-this-makes-no-sense Snapstory. We figure: who wouldn’t want to see this Odesza concert, or an extra on-point alphet, or some other tomfoolery? Answer: everybody. Your “Snapstory” was actual drivel, I probably didn’t watch it, and even if I did, I clicked through that… [Read More]

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Optimism Is Exhausting

Netflix’s latest addition to its comedy programming, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is about the smiliest woman-child who was abducted and then subsequently set free in arguably the saddest city in America. It is also everyone’s favorite show at the moment. It’s quotable, witty, and the perfect antidote for those of us… [Read More]

5 Foolproof Ways to Make the Right Picks in Your NCAA Bracket

When it comes right down to it, filling out your March Madness bracket is going to be a total crapshoot. The final two weeks of March carry the most frequent use of the term “Cinderella story” because players keep leaving behind glass Jordans after games underdog teams you’ve never heard… [Read More]

Potential ‘Zoolander 2′ Plot Lines

Zoolander 2 is officially happening. In the 15 years between the two films, a lot has happened in the world of fashion, especially on the men’s side of things with the rise of fast fashion and celebrity-backed, high end clothing lines. This year there will even be a standalone Men’s… [Read More]

Sequel Anxiety: It’s a Thing

As Pitch Perfect 2 inches closer to its debut, my anxiety becomes more and more palpable. The first one was good. I saw it for free at an advanced screening, and then I saw it three more times in theaters because I never grew out of that phase when you’re a… [Read More]

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ and ‘Black-ish’ Are More Classic Than You Think

One night my freshman year in college, I was deep into a late night cafeteria debate with two fellow peers – the kind I had once imaged university dinners would be filled with, only to realize they more often consisted of comparing hangovers and midterm notes. But that spring night,… [Read More]

What Indie Artists Are Looking At: An Investigation

Indie artists like to look at things in their album covers. Whether or not they stole that tendency from the late dear leader Kim Jong-il is eternally up for debate, and to be fair, we all like vaguely looking at things—myself included. However, musicians are shockingly and consistently more opaque… [Read More]

Let’s Talk About HBO’s ‘The Jinx’ Now

Obligatory spoiler alert for the commentary below but if you are, indeed, alerted and averted by the presence of spoilers, go and watch The Jinx right now and then come back and read this. It’ll only take about five hours, which you clearly have time for since DST just happened…. [Read More]