Big Sean Loves Condoms

In the US, teen pregnancy is down and the reason may be Big Sean. According to Genius, the Detroit rapper’s discography contains a whopping 19 condom references, which would be a lot for a sex ed teacher. To find out what the deal is with noted sex-haver, Big Sean’s obsession with the… [Read More]

An Internet Idiot

I know how Facebook uses my information to make money (offering highly targeted advertisements to companies like Chubbies who want to sell shorts to 24 year olds that like their competitors brands). I know who people are dissing when they subtweet (just look at who they were tweeting nice things… [Read More]

Drunk Movie Review: ‘Jurassic World’

My first DMR (Drunk Movie Review, of course) happened because I was too afraid of outer space to see Interstellar sober. My second one happened because Fifty Shades of Grey is fucking stupid. Jurassic World had the potential to be both stupid and scary, and so here we are. Also,… [Read More]

The Many Different Types of Instagram Likes

I’ve never really considered myself an easy like on Instagram. I want you to earn that laborious little double tap, you know? I mean, unless you’re @harlowandsage, you better believe that I am putting in at least four seconds of thought before I decide whether or not to like your… [Read More]

The Differences Between Flirting Online and Flirting in Real Life

Flirting is a challenging concept to discuss because of its inherent subtlety, but I’m going to attempt anyway because I respect the possibility of true love. Flirting is what happens when you’re maybe interested in someone and you want to know if they’re maybe interested in you back. That sounds… [Read More]

Are Vibes Real?

Our futuristic world is full of quantitative digital tangibles: number counts of Instagram likes, Facebook friends, retweets, bank account statements, event attendees, and so on. We can accurately assess many details about anything by the records left online. However, standing out against the grain in what we measurably experience through… [Read More]

Newsflash: Women Who Buy Thongs Actually Like Them!

My first thong was really ugly. It was army green and had a corresponding camouflage print to match . Clashing with the theme was an out-of-place lace trim and a little bow in the middle – both in a bright shade of lime green. There may have even been a… [Read More]

In the Eye of Kim and Kanye’s Baby Naming Brainstorm

There’s obviously been a lot of news coming out of the Kardashian-Jenner household lately. Two huge stories at least: The Porsche-led arrival of Caitlyn Jenner and Kim’s announcement that she and Kanye are expecting a new baby. Now, adding more to the family stew, news broke Tuesday that Kim might actually be carrying twins,… [Read More]

How to Cope When Your Celeb Crush Turns Problematic

If you know me, and you’re good at picking up on subtlety, you know that from time to time, I’ve expressed a totally casual, passing interest in Vince Vaughn. Are me and Vince Vaughn astrologically compatible I will literally change my birthday — Colleen Healy (@leenie11) April 15, 2015 And… [Read More]

What’s Your Perfect Bar?

This summer you may find yourself at an establishment that serves alcohol. There are hundreds of thousands of these places varying in nearly every aspect from music, to lighting, to price to patronage. Recently, you will find that most of them follow an ADJECTIVE + ANIMAL naming scheme such as Blind Tiger,… [Read More]

This Is What It Feels Like to Live in a Golden Age of Audio

Before Serial (B.S.), I listened to a couple of podcasts: Pop Culture Happy Hour and Hollywood Prospectus. Though I think they are both excellent and I continue to listen to them every Friday and Tuesday, respectively, they are easy to drop in and out of; they don’t ask much of… [Read More]