This past Monday, President Obama bust through the doors with his own personal Twitter account, stating that “they” finally let him have one after six long years. There’s some speculation as to what has been holding the President back all this time, but here at Thelma, we’re well connected and… [Read More]

Unpopular Opinion: HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Sucks

Brace yourselves. A rare and extremely vitriolic opinion is coming. I think—and have thought since its premiere in 2011—that HBO’s exceedingly popular and critically acclaimed show Game of Thrones is, in a word, shitty. I am (or at least have been made to feel) very much alone in this opinion…. [Read More]

Mad Men Probably Got Me Into Advertising

I started Mad Men in June of 2010. I forget who told me I needed to watch it, but I had the show marked on my must-watch list for some time. After finishing up my sophomore year of college, this would be the summer I caught up. I spent that… [Read More]

Predicting Your Marriage Based on Your Wedding Song

It’s wedding season. Not only do you have to pick out a color scheme, dresses, and a wedding venue, but you also have to pick out a song that captures the kind of relationship you and your partner had, have, and will have. Here are a few of the most… [Read More]

Become NBA Playoff Literate in 3 Minutes

Not everyone has the time to watch every playoff basketsport match. This was definitely acceptable during the first round, but now it’s the semifinals and all four of the current series are riddled with rich storylines, insane highlights, and viral content ripe for the picking. When discussing the playoffs around… [Read More]

Super Real Life Predictions for the next 5 Years of Marvel Movies

Now that Hollywood has done and redone all of the main superheroes in the DC/Marvel pantheon ad nauseum, it’s moving on to the B team. Our upcoming summers will be full of the Black Panther and Infinity Wars and Inhumans, because Hollywood has nonstop superhero summer blockbuster action lined up… [Read More]

There is No Such Thing as Too Much Ja Rule

Reinvention is the key to pop culture relevance. Unless you possess some sort of transcendent star power, chances are you’re going to have to scratch and claw for every opportunity to keep your name on the ticker. So I guess, then, it wasn’t the least bit surprising that everyone’s favorite… [Read More]

Will The Last Scene of ‘Mad Men’ Ruin Our Lives?

Don Draper doesn’t love me. I’ve foolishly become far too invested in every inch of his psyche, and in less than two weeks he’s going to kiss me and tell me to order myself some breakfast, and then walk out of my life forever. With the series finale approaching, I’ve… [Read More]

Steph Curry’s MVP Speech Puts a Few Clichés into Perspective

Given how stupid he makes guys look on the court, one might expect Steph Curry’s off the court demeanor to resemble more of a Nick “Swaggy P” Young than the NFL’s Russell Wilson. In a Warriors jersey, he’s a callous assassin who’ll pull from 30 feet, right after turning your… [Read More]

‘Silicon Valley’ Nailed the Setup, but Could Now Try Harder

HBO’s Silicon Valley, helmed by Alec Berg and Office Space creator Mike Judge, is in capable hands. But it’s also a show that at this point, is pretty clearly trying to have its cake and eat it too. By making fun of the typical gripes with the tech industry—it’s mostly white, women in power… [Read More]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Meta

In between the soul-crushing self-esteem issues (thanks, puberty) and growing out my hair, then cutting it off, then growing it out again, my memories of middle school are very few and extremely far between. It was a time full of discomfort, exhilaration, and weird body odors that I have deliberately… [Read More]