Thelma is over? Probably.

We had a great 2+ year run making content for you but after a while our team found it harder to make time outside of our day jobs (or got day jobs writing!) to keep it up. Now we’re here, 1 year and 0 posts later. Thank you so much for reading Thelma. It meant the world… [Read More]

Living a Purposeful Pop Culture Life

The first time I ever went first at a four-way stop I was 22. I remember it so clearly: it was an autumn zing of a day, the kind where the world just feels like one giant sigh of contentment.  I sidled up to the four-way stop near my apartment… [Read More]

How to Destroy Love like a Millennial

If you google “Millennial Dating,” the results are article after article after article about all the problems with it: fear of intimacy, fear of vulnerability, left swiping, ghosting, phubbing… the list goes on and the words get dumber, and it all has to do with how we young folks hide… [Read More]

Drake Songs You Should Be for Halloween

Chances are this Halloween, you will hear at least a few Drake tracks. But why stop there? It’s still October and Drake is still the biggest artist in the world, so don’t just listen to Drake songs this Halloween weekend, be them. That’s right, make a costume out of your… [Read More]

Stuff You Didn’t Already Know About Rihanna

[every rihanna interview] rihanna is just like everyone else but at the same time she’s not. written by– — isaiah cs (@isaiahcs) October 12, 2015 A lot of really good writers from really good magazines have written cover stories about Rihanna, but after reading this piece, you will be left… [Read More]

She Died of Secondhand Embarrassment

Spanish-speakers have a term for it: pena ajena. Much cleaner and snappier than English’s clunky “secondhand embarrassment” (a term cobbled together by laypeople, as it’s not even in the dictionary), pena ajena describes shame or embarrassment one might feel on behalf of someone else. It’s that latter part that’s the… [Read More]

Love & Binge-Watching

Modern relationships are all about communication, compromise, and content consumption. You’re going to be watching a lot of things with someone as you either fall in love with them or learn to hate them, and your viewing choices often match the evolving or deteriorating status of your relationship. To demonstrate,… [Read More]

The Stories We Tell About Our Pets

I have two cats. The older one, Lil, is a straight up broad. She is assertive, entitled, fiercely loyal, and, I suspect, on the lower end of the Autism spectrum. The younger one, Lucy, is a total dork. She sticks her tongue out when she concentrates and exhales sharply out… [Read More]

President Trump’s America

November 10th, 2019.  Three years into the watershed administration of one Donald Trump, the iconic example of world democracy. Follow along, idiots. Well, we did it America. After a year-and-a-half campaign characterized by grandstanding and name-calling, we elected Donald Trump as our 45th president. He damn near blew up the… [Read More]

Which Jonas Brother is Right for You?

In October of 2013, The Jonas Brothers (the unit) broke up and became the Jonas brothers (the individual humans) and millions of girls around the world went into a tailspin (not me though, I handled things just fine). Since then, they’ve embarked on new and exciting projects, and Kevin does… [Read More]

Play Donald Trump Rosh Hashanah Tweet Bingo

  At the time of publication, @realDonaldTrump has not yet tweeted about the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah which begins tonight at sun down.