I was on Will Smith’s IMDB page today, because I felt like being there, and after seeing Bad Boys 3 and Hancock 2 “announced” near the top, then scrolling through the last few years of his film career, I got really depressed. So naturally I scrolled even further down to… [Read More]

PHHHOTO and Exploring New Social Media Networks

Before social media went mainstream, communities interacted through forums centered around specific interests, comments on sites like ebaumsworld, and internet chatrooms. Following this sort of internet stone age, digital networks built around the people we see in our daily lives became popular at scale. First MySpace allowed us to share pictures… [Read More]

Little League, Big Stage

My favorite sports daydream as a kid had me coming up to the plate with the bases loaded and the game on the line.  But I wasn’t in Fenway Park or any Major League ballpark; I was concerned with immediate hypothetical gratification.  So as it went, I was crushing a… [Read More]

Maybe Stop Posting Your Opinion Online

The garbage. The amount of garbage clogging our Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds is upsetting. It’s upsetting because number one, it’s garbage. Number two, it’s angry garbage. Number three, it’s a bunch of stupid, uninformed, too-lazy-to-take-a-minute-and-read-a-reliable-source garbage. Lastly, and worst of all, it’s not harmless. It’s mean, anger-filled, and posted with… [Read More]

Which Rapper Should Kendall Jenner Date?

It seems like the most important Kardashian of the next ten years will be Kendall. The biological offspring of Kris and Bruce, Kendall’s upside knows no bounds. What Kendall will do, one can only speculate. Figuring out who she will date, however, is a bit easier. With Kim and Khloe… [Read More]

You’ve Got Kale: Rom-Coms for the Modern Millennial

Last month’s twenty-fifth anniversary of Nora Ephron’s classic When Harry Met Sally… inspired a number of think pieces on the state of today’s romantic comedy, with entertainment critics sounding a death knell that has long been ringing for the box office rom-bomb. The article that really caught my attention was… [Read More]

Kanye in GQ: Changing the Dad-Wear Game

Some call it Normcore, others “Seinfield chic,” but I simply call it dad-wear. You know the style when you see it: standard no-name jeans and a tucked oxford, to say the least. Maybe even toss on some ugly New Balances or boat shoes. I don’t care who are or what… [Read More]

Being Honest and Dating Naked

VH1’s Dating Naked is exactly what you’d expect it to be. And I love it. Dating shows aren’t new, but meeting someone for the first time completely nude and then going on a date all while trying to avert your eyes is totally 2014. Dating Naked claims to strip people… [Read More]

Just How Stupid Are the ESPYs?

The idea of an award show for sports doesn’t seem altogether like a stupid idea, both from an entertainment and business standpoint. Award shows get more viewers than ever, and fans, always eager for an opportunity to argue and compare, have yet another outlet in which to judge world class… [Read More]