I think we all know Etsy is the best place to get your anti-establishment girlfriend Valentine’s gifts.  Especially long-distance girlfriends.  But did you know that Etsy is also the best place for all twitter-related screen printing?

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 2.55.22 PM

And they say guys are hard to shop for?

In all seriousness how different is the act of wearing this T-shirt from wearing t-shirt with an album or tour on it; an expression of self through celebrity/music/movie/television association. Can this please be the 21st century version of the Led Zeppelin 1977 tour shirt that they sell at Target?

It’s really easy to form an identity online through aggregation. This is what tumblr is.  Cultivating that identity through retweeting, reblogging and the like are quickly becoming more important for teens than expressing themselves through original sentences.  Hey, we can’t even describe our own lives without .gifs from Mean Girls.  So why not take the same rules that govern our online identities and apply them IRL?

I’m all for this trend, and think we shouldn’t stop here.  Biden photo-bomb backpacks, lunchbox sets with the Jim Halpert-face .gifs,  Lil B’s twitter kitchenware.