As any sensible person would be, I was outraged when I found out there would be no Game of Thrones last week. After promptly punching out the nearest window, I looked at my bloodied hand and realized I might find some other way to occupy the time I would have otherwise spent chillin with cha boi Robb Stark. Here’s three things to do in the absence of Tyrion’s seriously statutory situation.

  • Re Watch an old episode. This one seems simple, but it’s actually the best option. Do you know the name of every character on the show? If so, prove it. What’s the name of the old guy who helps Danaerys but is also sort of in love with her? If you got that, why don’t you tell me the name of her new long haired BF from last weeks episode? To keep up with everyone on the show you’d probably have to read some sort of book version.

  • Read the book version. I’d be richer than Tywin Lannister if I had a dollar for every post-plot twist smirk and eyebrow raise I’ve witnessed while watching Game of Thrones with friends who have read the books. I haven’t personally, but I’m almost 20% sure I’ll try to start them after this season ends.  Seriously though, consuming the original media Game of Thrones was composed in would render us a better informed audience making for a richer cultural experience. At the very least we should attempt to put our money where our mouths are, given our consistent proclamations of love for the show.

  • Check out some pictures of the cast out of costume. I’m not apologizing if you get mad at me for this, but seeing pictures of the cast off set can seriously mess with your perception of the series. Is that Fat Boy Sam hanging out Jaime Lannister and Lady Targarian? Their story lines literally never intersect. Sansa and Arya taking a mirror pic? I’m pretty sure Arya has a droid on the show so that iPhone seems out of place. At least my theory that Circe is a hipster has finally been confirmed. It’s disappointing to learn they don’t live in the world on the show, but at least they seem to like each other.

At the very least during this brief hiatus, reflect on what a magnificent work of art Game of Thrones really is. The characters are worth caring about, the writing is consistently both funny and surprising, and they push the envelope of what you can put on TV. Thank goodness the new episode is coming up faster than winter seems to be.