*Budget dollars set in millions

Here’s the Box Office Round-Up for the weekend of 10/18-10/20:

  • GRAVITY was the #1 movie for the third weekend in a row, and it fell a small 31% to $30 million.  This brings its seventeen day total to $169.5.

Seemingly, this movie has broken into the “You-Have-To-See-This-Immediately-Or-People-Will-Make-Fun-Of-You-At-Work” pantheon. Not too surprising that George and Sandra are cleaning up at the box-office considering each are Oscar winners, but to be demolishing the field by this much at this point is impressive nonetheless.

  • CAPTAIN PHILLIPS repeated in second place and had an exceptionally good second weekend hold.  It fell only 36% to $16.4 million, and this brings its ten day total to $52.4.

I will literally see anything with Tom Hanks (excluding Larry Crowne). When Apollo 13 is on TV, you better believe I’m watching it. It’s been years, however, since Hanks has delivered a film that can be universally praised (unless you are a quasi-sicko and liked Cloud Atlas). Although he can pull off almost anything, Hanks has reached the point in his career where he can really play the old veteran on the job in a way he couldn’t before, without relying solely on his boyish good looks and charm. This gritty Paul Greengrass feature (Bourne Supremacy, United 93, Bourne Ultimatum) utilizes his documentary film-making style to perfection.


  •  CARRIE opened in third place to $17 million in 3,157 runs with a per-location average of $5,100.

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen the original Carrie in its entirety but basing my views off of what I have seen, remaking this Stephen King cult-classic thriller would be a tall task. It comes out of the gate with a very respectable $17 million, but boy does it look corny. Props to these people though.

  • CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 also held well, and fell only 30% to $9.7 in its fourth weekend.  Its new total is $92.7 as it closes in on $100 million.

The first one really was wonderful so I’m not surprised that this is still doing well in its fourth week. Oh and the guy that composes the music used to look like this.

  • Sylvester Stallone / Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner ESCAPE PLAN was unable to make double digits, and it opened to $9.7 in 2,883 locations with a per-location average of $3,365.

This film wins Thelma.com’s inaugural “Oldest Muscles Award.” Look I’m not going to see this movie but I can probably tell you what it’s going to involve:

      1. $10-$20 at your local cinemaplex.
      2. A lot of awesome action.
      3. Too many poorly written lines to remember.
      4. Rolling of the eyes.
      5. A scene where Sly and Arnie look at each other and just nod in agreement, then go on to do some pretty sick shit.


Overall, the weekend came to around $103 million, which is down 20% from last year’s $129 million weekend when PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 opened in the top spot to $29 million and ARGO fell only 15% in week 2 to $16.4.

Although the numbers may not have been as strong as last year’s, we are already getting some Oscar-worthy films.

ONE TO WATCH: 12 YEARS A SLAVE had an impressive opening, making $924,000 in nineteen theatres with an excellent per-location average of $48,617. The Steve McQueen helmed melodrama starring Chiwetel Ejiofor has garnered major early Oscar buzz. A story about a proud man being sold into slavery, McQueen tackles the intensity and horror of slavery head on, creating a claustrophobic environment that is cringe-worthy. Although this is not be the easiest film to sit though, it may be one of the year’s best. It will be interesting to see how this film fares at the box office once it is widely released as its subject matter does not tend to yield blockbuster-type numbers.

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