Today is baseball’s opening day. It’s a Monday and in New York City the weekend’s clouds have cleared out, revealing a bright blue sky that is impossible not to talk about. Baseball is not America’s most popular sport anymore, but, if we accept that fact without defensively reminding people who don’t care that it’s “the national past time, man,” we can finally move on to celebrating the one day of the year in which baseball still ranks number one; opening day.

In celebration, here are the things opening day feels like:

1. Making a new friend at work who has the same eating habits as you

2. Sitting down for lunch after vacuuming your apartment

3. Seeing a new movie trailer that features a good song in theatres

4. Buying new school supplies

5. Doing anything productive before 10am

6. Finding out you got the aisle seat on a trans-atlantic flight

7. Folded Laundry

8. Having unseen Parks and Rec episodes in your DVR

9. When everyone is on time to something

10. Having gone grocery shopping yesterday

11. Innocence

12. Surprising someone with a small but thoughtful gift for no reason

13. Becoming friendly with your neighbors

14. Sodium

15. Not feeling guilty for liking Blurred Lines

16. Suspending disbelief

17. Leaving in the morning and knowing you’re not going to be back until late at night

18. Spicy mustard

19. 1963 (minus all the bad parts)

20. A grandparent telling you the same story you’ve heard 20 times but that’s okay