It seems like the most important Kardashian of the next ten years will be Kendall. The biological offspring of Kris and Bruce, Kendall’s upside knows no bounds. What Kendall will do, one can only speculate. Figuring out who she will date, however, is a bit easier. With Kim and Khloe now moving past athletes and into the realm of rap superstars, it’s only right that Kendall follow in the footsteps of her half-sisters and swoop up one of Kanye and French’s peers. But which rap act will get the chance to sit alongside Lord Disick and Lord Ye at family reunions? Here are some options.

Chief Keef

Sosa has worked with both Kanye and French Montana, so he has some allies on the inside. The fellow 18-year-old was just evicted from his Highland Park Mansion in Chicago, so he needs a place to stay.

Jaden Smith

Jaden similarly comes from two famous parents so the two would be able to talk about growing up in the spotlight, while also maintaining one’s own sense of purpose and crazy Twitter-brand. While Jaden may only be 16, spiritually he is ageless.


Sometimes love has been under your nose the whole time. Or rather, in Compton, a short hour drive away from Calabasas. The two LA natives would be able to bond over trying to figure out whose life is “Krazier.”

Bobby Shmurda

If there’s one thing the Kardashians understand it’s the shmoney dance. Having just signed a deal with Epic Records, Shmurda is prime for a verse on the new Kanye album. Plus, he’d be able to give the Kardashians that coveted Brooklyn connect, meaning with French Montana hailing from the Bronx, the klan is only a Queens-rapper away from a full on outer-borough takeover. I hear Lloyd Banks is single…

Azealia Banks

Maybe what Azealia needs to cure that writer’s block is a new relationship. At the very least, being close to fame would allow her to put off her debut album for at least another two years. Azealia’s constant Twitter beefs and ability to keep her name in the spotlight would work well in a key role on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. An on camera fight with Brody Jenner is what this world needs.

Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis is forever a sleeper pick. The Macklemore sidekick is basically famous for not being Macklemore, which to be honest, isn’t the worst. No one really knows what he does, which is very Kardashian. While Kanye wouldn’t approve of the pick, Ryan would probably invest in Rob’s sock line.

Big Sean

After Naya Rivera broke Big Sean’s big heart and then got married just two months later, the rapper really needs a win here. As Kanye’s friend, it’s sort of surprising that this hasn’t happened to him already. Seeing as Kanye is one of the only Big Sean fans out there, his choices are pretty much limited to Kardashians anyway.

OB O’Brien

You could maybe make the argument that Drake’s BFF OB O’Brien is an up-and-coming rapper. As someone well adjusted to being tangential to fame, OB would be great at supporting Kendall’s modeling career. From OB’s perspective, he’d be able to infiltrate the Kanye-sphere, relaying Yeezus 2 information back to headquarters in Toronto.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown, while crazy, seems like a really nice dude. Out of everyone on this list, he’s the one who might be able to teach the Kardashians a thing or two about how to really party. He’d buy up for Kylie whenever needed, but always remind her to be safe.

Spooky Black

There are still many questions about who exactly Spooky Black is, and what better way to reveal yourself after a bizarre YouTube hit song than to date the most eligible girl in Hollywood. Though not exactly a rapper, Spooky in the Jenner house would finally give Lord Disick the permission to bust out that du-rag look he’s been hinting about for so long.