With his new mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake has provided the world with 17 new songs to consume, digest, and vomit back into original content. For me, each of these tracks are a treasure trove of lyrics that I can use as Snapchat and Instagram captions. Part of what makes Drake such an appealing persona in the first place — his ability to experience and capture the full range of emotion in a relatable yet bombastic form — also lends itself well to the captions that accompany the photos we post.

To help make the process of figuring out which Drake line to use for your grams and snaps easier, I’ve dived into the lyrics and picked out which lines are ripe to use to describe your own life moments and/or selfies. I should add that the line’s meaning in the context of your social media post trumps the line’s meaning within the song or its slang usage (though if you can use both that’s ideal). Obviously, if you actually live in the 6 it’s much easier to recreate these lyrics in your everyday life, but seeing as many do not, I’ve stayed away from most Toronto references.


Lyric/caption: “Oh my God, oh my God if I die I’m a legend”

Photo: You at bottomless brunch with the whole crew.

Lyric/caption: “Money taught me Spanish, make it Andale”

Photo: You at SFO posing in front of popular Mexican restaurant Andale, which has locations in three terminals, or you with your Spanish teacher (replace “money” with his/her name).

Lyric/caption: “Way up north, packed in Honda cars, they don’t know who we are”

Photo: A selfie of you and the whole crew five deep in an Accord. Bonus points if you are above sea level.



Lyric/caption: “I got enemies, got a lot of enemies, got a lot of people tryna drain me of my energy”

Photo: All the parties in line ahead of you at bottomless brunch.

Lyric/caption: “I got girls in real life trying to fuck up my day, fuck going online that ain’t part of my day”

Photo: You camping with your girlfriend but she’s mad at you because you won’t stop applying bugspray

Lyric/caption: “I got bitches asking me about the code for the wifi”

Photo: You holding up your Netgear router.

Lyric/caption: “Ya’ll don’t wanna see Win Win, 50 a woe”

Photo: You rap squatting with Paul Giamatti.


10 Bands

Lyric/caption: “10 Bands, 50 Bands, 100 bands, fuck it man, let’s just not even discuss it man”

Photo: The Coachella lineup

Lyric/caption: “Drapes closed, I don’t know what time it is”

Photo: Your drapes, closed. Bonus points by using the timestamp feature on your next snap.

Lyric/caption: “I need a FuelBand just to see how long the run has been”

Photo: The post-workout selfie with the FuelBand or Fitbit (MapMyRun also acceptable), or just any photo with a FuelBand, if you want to go with the metaphor.



Know Yourself

Lyric/caption: “Running through the 6 with my woes”

Photo: Taking the 6 train in New York City or driving a Mazda 6.

Lyric/caption: “My city too turnt up I’ll take the fine for that”

Photo: The noise violation ticket from when your narc neighbors called the cops on the house party. Or a parking ticket.

Lyric/caption: “That’s when Ethan was pushing a Subaru hatchback”

Photo: TBT with your buddy Ethan.

Lyric/caption: “Top boy in this shit, I’m so international”

Photo: You in the dressing room at Top Shop, London.


No Tellin

Lyric/caption: “Envelopes coming in the mail, let her open em”

Photo: Envelope from grandparents wishing you happy Valentine’s Day.

Lyric/caption: “Suitcase, I’ve been living out a suitcase”

Photo: Your clothes strewn out at your friend’s apartment because there’s no way in hell you’re getting a hotel.

Lyric/caption: “I’m just looking in the mirror, like I’m really him/ Man, I’m really him, you just filling in”

Photo: A mirror pic.

Lyric/caption: “Dawg, just bought an island, gotta sail to it”

Photo: You on any watercraft, large or small.

Lyric/caption: “And even if the team was religious with it, I can’t see another squad tryna cross us”

Photo: You and your relatives at a serious religious gathering.

Lyric/caption: “There’s no code or ethics out here, anyone will take shots at you, yeah”

Photo: You with a code of ethics form an employer is making you sign.



Lyric/caption: “Waved up, goin up, glowin up, growin up, had to get it poppin with you”

Photo: A friend’s birthday photo montage.



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