Yesterday I described how Drake’s lyrics work particularly well as Instagram and Snapchat captions. Here is Part 2 in which I break down the rest of the lyrics in If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, in order to find the best potential captions.

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6 God

Lyric/caption: “Watch your mo’fuckin tone boy”

Photo: You getting heated at a cappella practice.

Lyric/caption: “I’ll admit it, I’ll admit it”

Photo: At your arraignment.

Lyric/caption: “Them were my old toys”

Photo: Donating your old toys for a holiday toy drive.


Lyric/caption: “Four or five chains with the gold gettin’ tangled”

Photo: An epic tangle of your keys, headphones, spare change and a Starbucks receipt.

Lyric/caption: “Used to flip apps, now that old plug murked”

Photo: You just missing Chili’s 9pm cutoff for the half-price apps.


Lyric/caption: “Most of these girls are too messy”

Photo: The cranberry stain on your shirt after a drunk girl bumps into you at a crowded bar.

Lyric/caption: “I’ve got to do some reflecting”

Photo: A very serious picture in any mirror or reflective surface.

Lyric/caption: “I’ve got to find me one out here that’s good at taking direction”

Photo: You, unsure of where exactly you are, but trying to hail a cab.

Lyric/caption: “Glo’d up off a gate way”

Photo: With a Gateway computer or at the Gateway Shopping Center in Salt Lake City. 

Used To

Lyric/caption: “Only see the truth when I’m staring in the mirror/ Lookin’ at myself like, there it is there/ Yeah, like there it is there man, whoo”

Photo: A hungover mirror pic.

Lyric/caption: “Jewels look like I found a mothafuckin’ treasure map”

Photo: Your friend not being able to beat your high score on Bejewled.

Lyric/caption: “Never needed your acceptance, never needed nothin”

Photo: Giving the middle finger at a college you were rejected from.

6 Man

Lyric/caption: “6 Man like Lou Will”

Photo: All your friends playing basketball but you are sidelined because you clearly have a partially fractured ankle (albeit undiagnosed). There’s also a lot of potential in this photo to switch up the Williams from Lou to any other famous Williams such as Allison, Tennessee, or Serena.

Lyric/caption: “Young, but I’m making millions to work the nightshift”

Photo: You basically doing anything after 9:30pm.

Lyric/caption: “I’m not tryna win awards, that shit look forced”

Photo: You with the trophy having won a highly coveted award for work in your field.

Now & Forever

Lyric/caption: “It’s over, yeah it’s over. I’m leaving, I’m gone.”

Photo: The bar was serious about last call being early and they just turned the lights on.

Lyric/caption: “I can’t stay here no more, I can’t sleep on the floor”

Photo: You and your friend after a long weekend crashing on the pullout couch.

Lyric/caption: “I don’t want to miss the boat, I don’t want to sit in coach”

Photo: You sitting in economy.


Lyric/caption: “I need a shawty from Houston”

Photo: You with a friend from Houston or you looking sad on Houston street in New York City.

Lyric/caption: “You ain’t got the juice like that”

Photo: An empty OJ bottle that seems to have ruined the entire homemade brunch you had planned for the morning.

Lyric/caption: “I know a girl I should propose to, but we’re just on some different shit”

Photo: A sneak photo of a random stranger you find mildly attractive.

You & The 6

Lyric/caption: “Having conversations with mama”

Photo: Facetiming with your mom on a Sunday.

Lyric/caption: “You’re 27 you’re just being you”

Photo: You on your 27th birthday.

Lyric/caption: “She got Google Alerts, them shits go straight to her phone”

Photo: An elaborate set up in which you set up a Google Alert on your mom’s phone and then set it off by writing a blog post about yourself.


Lyric/caption: “She from the jungle, she from the jungle”

Photo: Your friend on a jungle gym.

Lyric/caption: “Are you down for the cause?”

Photo: At a political rally you stumbled upon.

Lyric/caption: “Being indecisive makes me anxious”

Photo: A Chipotle and Panera Bread right next to each other.

6pm in New York

Lyric/caption: “Some nights I wish I could go back in life, not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice”

Photo: A fire TBT of your Middle School clique.

Lyric/caption: “I’d rather give that 15% to people I fuck with”

Photo: That Gap/Banana Republic 15% friends and family coupon.

Lyric/caption: “Lately I feel the haters eating away at my confidence”

Photo: An unattractive photo of one of your friends eating.

Lyric/caption: “I’ve been trying to reach the youth so I can save them this year”

Photo: You with a nephew.

Lyric/caption: “Your content so aggressive lately, what’s irking you?”

Photo: Me next to this article.