28. Somewhere out there someone is breathing

27. Drink tequila for me babe

26. This emotion, I feel it, this emotion, you feel it

25. I saw myself tonight

24. Late night watching television, but how’d we get in this position?

23. It’s too late for us and there’s no turning back now

22. I think I broke up with my boyfriend today and I don’t really care

21. When you need me, I will be your candle in the dark

20. Paint a picture for me, boy

19. Gold mines glisten in the skin for you and I

18. But I still love you, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I love you

17. Baby let’s take the long way home

16. I remember being naked

15. Shake me from L.A. hallucinations

14. I’ve got a cavern of secrets, none of them are for you

13. Over the weekend we could turn the world to gold

12. Drove by your place and stopped again tonight

11. I know that she’s right and I should not be offended

10. I need to tell you something

9. So tired of hearin’ all your boy problems

8. You come to me in dreams at night

7. You’re my miracle (oh oh oh)

6. In your black heart, is where you’ll find me waiting

5. I didn’t just come here to dance, If you know what I mean

4. This is getting kinda serious, this is getting kinda out of control

3. You know I didn’t mean it darling

2. Who gave you eyes like that?

1. The sky is turning black now