Chances are this Halloween, you will hear at least a few Drake tracks. But why stop there? It’s still October and Drake is still the biggest artist in the world, so don’t just listen to Drake songs this Halloween weekend, be them. That’s right, make a costume out of your favorite Drake track.

Hotline Bling

There are countless cell phone costumes online. Find one that lets you customize it with the 1-800-Hotline Bling Cover Art, and set your phone alarm to go off every 10 minutes.

The Plug

Find a his and hers plug and outlet couples costume and then throw away the outlet portion.

6 God

Dress up as a greek god but somehow pepper in a Toronto sports reference with a Blue Jays hat or Raptors shorts, and let the prayer hands commence.

Diamonds dancing

Spend some time bejeweling a bodysuit, because it will all be worth it when you add the tutu and ballerina shoes to complete this costume.

Back to Back

Find a friend you don’t get sick of too easily, face away from each other, and then have another friend duct tape you to together. Maybe, wear an OVO hoodie while you’re at it.

Charged up

Wrap yourself in any electrical cords, power adapters, surge protectors and phone chargers you can find. Don’t let anyone at the party drop below 60 percent.  

Draft Day

Pair a suit with a NFL/NBA/NHL hat, and hold up that same team’s jersey in front of you during photos. Bonus points if you have a friend that can dress up as Roger Goodell.


Wear an Astros hat, a Falcons jersey and Rockets shorts and then carry one of those ridiculously large “yard drinks” that everyone walks around with in Vegas.

Started From the Bottom

Simple. Wear OVO gloves as shoes, an OVO jacket as pants, somehow fit OVO sweats over your upper body. Don’t forget to wear your OVO Air Jordan 10 on your hands.

Tuscan Leather

Outfit yourself in leather pants and a leather jacket over a Venetian gondola costume. (I know Venice isn’t in Tuscany, chill out).

Underground Kings

What to wear: Dress like an 18th century monarch, complete with a crown and purple and gold robes and then roll around in the street for 20 minutes to get really dirty.

Big Rings

Fit a few friends around a Hula Hoop that you’ve attached strings to and spend of the night dramatically cutting them while yelling “better be coming with no strings.”

Digital Dash

Go full Usain Bolt with all the running gear you can find and then using a chain, hang an iPad around your neck.

Girls Love Beyonce

What to wear: Dress up like an understandably crazed Beyonce fan going to see the Queen in concert, with face paint, signage and a tour t-shirt. Don’t forget to scream about Bey all night long, as per the usual.

10 Bands

Stop by your local hot topic and purchase 10 black band t-shirts and wear them all at once, one on top of another.