We’re well aware that the internet doesn’t need another pop culture blog.

That said, we have feels about music, movies, tv, sports and tech that are better served here, where we can work out our deep-seated issues in paragraph form, rather than in a Facebook status that gets under ten likes (must delete).

Our idea is that there are cool little ideas in the cuts of pop culture that are more important than they appear. Though we will keep up with news, and write an occasional review, our #content will always come by way of a previously unexplored angle.

We’re called Thelma because Aaron’s mom is named Thelma and had the foresight to buy Thelma.com in 1996. If you are looking for Thelma Weiss you can contact her at thelma@thelma.com, naturally.

If you would like to contribute to Thelma, email andrewverderosa@gmail.com.