Thelma is over? Probably.

We had a great 2+ year run making content for you but after a while our team found it harder to make time outside of our day jobs (or got day jobs writing!) to keep it up. Now we’re here, 1 year and 0 posts later. Thank you so much for reading Thelma. It meant the world… [Read More]

3 Burning Man Questions

I am currently on my way to Burning Man for the first time but, that doesn’t mean I fully understand what the hell Burning Man is. I know people go to the desert. I know they probably do some weird stuff there. What do they do though? Why do they do it?… [Read More]

3 Difficult to Conceptualize Reasons to Watch Rick and Morty

Obviously we’re living in a golden age of television. 30 years ago in a world of cheesy-looking apartment living room sets and overly enthusiastic studio audiences, television producers never would have dreamed that the plotlines and characters we consider so casually would grace the small screens in our homes. High… [Read More]

Open Vs. Closed Social Networks

Almost every website you visit or app you use nowadays is more or less a social network. The comment sections on Complex not only host heated arguments between strangers, but also familiar foes who maintain years-long debates about whether Kimye is good or bad for the US economy. Even when… [Read More]

An Internet Idiot

I know how Facebook uses my information to make money (offering highly targeted advertisements to companies like Chubbies who want to sell shorts to 24 year olds that like their competitors brands). I know who people are dissing when they subtweet (just look at who they were tweeting nice things… [Read More]

Are Vibes Real?

Our futuristic world is full of quantitative digital tangibles: number counts of Instagram likes, Facebook friends, retweets, bank account statements, event attendees, and so on. We can accurately assess many details about anything by the records left online. However, standing out against the grain in what we measurably experience through… [Read More]

Become NBA Playoff Literate in 3 Minutes

Not everyone has the time to watch every playoff basketsport match. This was definitely acceptable during the first round, but now it’s the semifinals and all four of the current series are riddled with rich storylines, insane highlights, and viral content ripe for the picking. When discussing the playoffs around… [Read More]

Mens Fashion, Conformity, and the World Wide Web

Ever since my cousin, a stylist for The Gap, came to my house and threw out 85% of my wardrobe, I’ve considered myself a pretty fashionable dude. I own three different watches. I cuff the bottom of my jeans depending on context. I rep both sneakerhead type of fuccboi jackets… [Read More]

↑ Streamer’s Log: Periscope Up ↑

As a veteran explorer of new social media networks, I recently felt there was no frontier left for me to discover. I’d seen it all, from location-based dating apps that track your every movement to gif-generating photo sharing platforms with limited audiences. Last week, however, I took my right earbud… [Read More]

5 Foolproof Ways to Make the Right Picks in Your NCAA Bracket

When it comes right down to it, filling out your March Madness bracket is going to be a total crapshoot. The final two weeks of March carry the most frequent use of the term “Cinderella story” because players keep leaving behind glass Jordans after games underdog teams you’ve never heard… [Read More]