Exploring 4chan on a Quest for Dank Memes

Don’t you ever send me a link on Gchat. Don’t. I’ve seen it. I saw it 17 hours ago and there’s nothing you can do about it. I already saw that picture of Kanye standing on top of a table to maximize his British Teen Selfies Per Minute (BTSPM). I’ve… [Read More]

2015 (Millisecond Attention Span)

We ask a lot of our readers here at Thelma. 500-700 words is a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. We live in a world where six second vines, 10 item picture lists, and one-off articles that barely contain anything but sure as heck get clicked reign supreme. For… [Read More]

3 Concepts That Only Exist as Subreddits

Not everyone understands the deepest inner workings of the internet rabbit hole known as Reddit. People do know that things from the web tend to aggregate there. They know that while not all memes are born on Reddit, many of them go through their adolescence there before they enter the… [Read More]

The History and Implications of Going Viral

Everyone dreams of “going viral.” Even our parents have some sense of what virality is, and my mom uses the Snapchat draw tool to write about what’s already in the picture. Derived from the idea of an actual virus, a piece of content goes viral when it becomes contagious or… [Read More]

Your New New Years Resolution: Post Better Pictures

As evidenced by your local lunk’s latest status updates complaining about “newbies” moving too slowly on their treadmills, making a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym is easy. Taking a pic of yourself there that isn’t a standard weight rack foreground mirror selfie is tough. Why would you… [Read More]

My Love Letter to the Golden State Warriors

My Dearest #GSWHoops, Look how far we’ve come, you and I. We’ve been through lows, lows, lows, and recently some highs. No relationship is perfect, but with your 14 game win streak, flowing ball movement, well-branded players and the word “contenders” on the lips of so many previous doubters, things… [Read More]

Not Trying to Sound Ungrateful, but C’mon Spotify

The best $10 I spend each month is on Spotify premium. I probably listen to music for 60 hours a week: 5-6 hours a day at work, another hour at home, and at least a few hours each day on the weekend. That breaks down to 16 cents an hour…. [Read More]

High Art: Weird is the New Good

I’ve always been a fan of the absurd. I spent most of my high school Saturday evenings sprawled across living room floors with friends watching terrible ’80s horror movies like House IV  and kids movies like Going Bananas. Whether it was a woman fighting a demon-posessed talking pizza or a… [Read More]

Prince Ea is a Hypocrite, But aren’t We All?

Prince Ea’s most popular video (above), “Can We Autocorrect Humanity?”, asks a lot of important/alliterated/rhymed questions: Are our touch screens making us lose touch? Who’s telling us we can only post old photos on Thursday? Do we have the patience to have a “cnvrstn” without “abbrvtn”? Or vowels for that… [Read More]

Do Girls Actually Use LuLu?

A year or two ago a friend’s girlfriend showed me my profile on LuLu, an app in which women review men. I was taken aback and immediately full of questions. Was there really some sort of secret society of digital women judging my every move? I understood why my humor might be ranked so… [Read More]