Potential ‘Zoolander 2’ Plot Lines

Zoolander 2 is officially happening. In the 15 years between the two films, a lot has happened in the world of fashion, especially on the men’s side of things with the rise of fast fashion and celebrity-backed, high end clothing lines. This year there will even be a standalone Men’s… [Read More]

Using Drake Lyrics as Photo Captions Part 2

Yesterday I described how Drake’s lyrics work particularly well as Instagram and Snapchat captions. Here is Part 2 in which I break down the rest of the lyrics in If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, in order to find the best potential captions. Visit Part 1 and add me on Snapchat: andy_verderosa… [Read More]

Using Drake Lyrics as Photo Captions Part 1

With his new mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake has provided the world with 17 new songs to consume, digest, and vomit back into original content. For me, each of these tracks are a treasure trove of lyrics that I can use as Snapchat and Instagram captions…. [Read More]

What Is Trunk Club and Why Does It Seem Mostly the Worst?

Recently, at a bar in Manhattan I made conversation with someone who worked at a startup called Trunk Club. Trunk Club, as it was explained to me, is a company that connects men to a personal female stylist, who then, upon speaking with you, will go online shopping while you… [Read More]

Let’s Figure Out Which Songs Katy Perry Will Play at Halftime

As the resident Katy Perry expert (apologist?) at Thelma, I’m tasking myself with predicting what songs KP will perform this Sunday when the world collectively gathers around their Super Bowl halftime livestream to gaze upon The One With the Blue Hair. Actually, I don’t know if she’ll have blue hair…. [Read More]

The Problem With TheFatJewish and FuckJerry

I’m always surprised, if not taken aback by how many of my peers do not really use Twitter. To my dismay, I find myself referencing the social platform very often in conversation (it’s the source of all my information) and am met with a blank stare. Most often, I am… [Read More]

The Corporatization of Ugly Sweaters

If you want to see the last stages of a trend’s life, look no further than the ugly sweater. Though you could argue the Christmas non-tradition, born of novelty and kept afloat by social trendiness, has been fading exponentially by year, its true death will come at the hands of… [Read More]

Living in a World Where Kanye May Drop an Album at Any Time

We are currently living in a world where any second Kanye West could spontaneously drop his 7th album. It could be any moment. You could be sleeping, or on a run, or in a park or a Trader Joe’s line, or maybe playing with your little baby cousin who doesn’t… [Read More]

Examining Spotify’s “Falling in Love” Playlist

I’ve spent the last few hours listening to a series of love songs. More specifically, the Spotify playlists titled “Falling in Love” made by the Romeos over at Spotify. Why? Maybe because I’m a masochist, but also because there 24,606 people subscribed to this playlist, meaning that these 17 tracks… [Read More]

Fridays vs. Tuesdays: Do You Actually Want to Relate to Music?

As a working adult, I am keenly aware of the differences between the work week and the weekend. It’s practically all I think about. In 2000, when NSYNC released their second album, No Strings Attached, I understood why it being Friday night and having just got paid was a reason… [Read More]