Taste and the Fashion of Food

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard it before, or at least felt it after scarfing down a McDouble and fries at 2AM on a Saturday night. But while the saying is often used to avoid bad eating habits, it could also be used to elicit a sense of… [Read More]

5 of the Weirdest NBA Stories From the Season So Far

Now 4 weeks into the 2014-2015 NBA season, there are already so many interesting storylines brewing across the league. For starters, we now know that the Cavs won’t be winning 70 games, the poor man’s Memphis Grizzles are a league best 10-2 and the LA Clippers oddly seem more deflated now… [Read More]

Why I Haven’t Requested a Standing Desk at Work

I work at an online media and advertising agency, which like so many other new or startup companies, features an open office floor plan. When you enter through the double doors from the lobby, everything and everyone is in front of you, which can be a bit intimidating if you’re… [Read More]

BlackBerry is Officially the RiFF RAFF of the Mobile Market

In case you were still fooling around with your new iPhone trying to figure out how to meta-delete inappropriate photos in iOS8, you might’ve missed that BlackBerry is spinning out some new hardware of its own. With its awkwardly square design, the aptly named Passport is BlackBerry’s first real take on… [Read More]

What Exactly Makes a Good Cover Song?

At the end of the day, while it’s difficult (or stupid) to define the parameters of a worthy song cover, it’s clear that the music is more important than the artist

Kanye in GQ: Changing the Dad-Wear Game

Some call it Normcore, others “Seinfield chic,” but I simply call it dad-wear. You know the style when you see it: standard no-name jeans and a tucked oxford, to say the least. Maybe even toss on some ugly New Balances or boat shoes. I don’t care who are or what… [Read More]

The Stain of Auto-Delete Culture

I started my car this morning and caught the tail end of an ad introducing this new interactive chatting app called Frankly. “Just like a real conversation, your messages don’t hang around.” It was enough to get the point. Having had my fair share of drunken exchanges in the past,… [Read More]

The NBA is Confused: A Closer Look at the Warriors, Clippers

It’s a weird time to be an NBA fan. The Playoffs are underway and we’ve already seen the best player in the world in King James making his best King Joffrey impersonation after a hard foul, while LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard (who?) have many people betting that the 5th-seeded… [Read More]

KiD CuDi: Mr. Rager Becomes Mr. Sleeping Pill

KiD CuDi has been on a pursuit of happiness his entire career, and maybe most of his 30-year-old life. Perhaps someone who’s followed him and set memories to his music, like myself, would even say that his darkest hours painted some of his most vibrant tracks. And while most normal… [Read More]

The F.U. Effect

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0EzeStwP5I&w=560&h=315] You don’t have to know too much about football to know Terrell Owns (T.O.). His controversial career has made him quite the media tool. Before Carl’s Jr. grabbed him to promote their new heart-slowing Philly Cheesesteak Burger, my last memory of T.O was seeing him sobbing on some reality… [Read More]