Just Another Frontier?

Humans have always been kind of obsessive about space, so the recent glut of space themed entertainment is not necessarily surprising. Even NASA has gotten in the game again (after a few years of coyly telling everyone they were going to focus on Earth-related issues), and getting ready to launch… [Read More]

Super Real Life Predictions for the next 5 Years of Marvel Movies

Now that Hollywood has done and redone all of the main superheroes in the DC/Marvel pantheon ad nauseum, it’s moving on to the B team. Our upcoming summers will be full of the Black Panther and Infinity Wars and Inhumans, because Hollywood has nonstop superhero summer blockbuster action lined up… [Read More]

Serious Startup Forecast 2015

There’s pretty much a startup for everything. Do you want a new mattress? Try Casper. Do you need to have your laundry done? There’s not one, but four different startups that will take care of that for you (make that three, R.I.P. Prim). And for the all inclusive, there’s Alfred, a… [Read More]

The Unbearable Vagueness of Bloodline

Netflix recently released its newest original drama, Bloodline, a dark family drama masquerading as a dark crime drama. It was received with mixed reviews, the foremost criticism being that it’s somewhat vague. A family has a secret. A stranger comes into town. Siblings fight. Things fall apart. It’s an oft-told… [Read More]

Can Comedy Connect on Netflix?

As Netflix’s latest play in the War on Broadcast Television, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Tina Fey’s long-awaited pet project, hit their servers two weeks ago. The show’s premise is delightfully bizarre—Kimmy Schmidt and her fellow “mole women” are released from their bunker after 15 years of imprisonment and into the harsh… [Read More]

A Ginsburg Discusses Ginsburned

An open letter to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the SNL writers, Last Saturday, SNL debuted a new catchphrase on Weekend Update: Ya Ginsburned! Kate McKinnon, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “ginsburned” everyone from Hobby Lobby to Madonna, as part of a sketch that recapped Justice Ginsburg’s recent dissent from the Supreme… [Read More]

Frankenfoods: Disgustingly Real or Disgustingly Fake?

Frankenfood: a revolutionary creation that mixes outrageous and unexpected ingredients in delicious and unique flavors. or Frankenfood: taking something delicious on the inside and disguising it with something deceptive on the outside That’s one way to put it. Another potentially less flattering way to describe a Frankenfood is: Frankenfood: a… [Read More]

And the Academy Award Goes to…

A note before beginning: I have seen a grand total of three of these movies. Do not take any of this article seriously or use it to make actual Oscar predictions. That being said, maybe don’t take the Oscars too seriously either. It just doesn’t matter. Once a year, for… [Read More]

Is CrowdSolve a Bad Idea? Probably.

The wrongful conviction rate in America is appalling, and until recently it went largely unnoticed by the general public. Thanks to Serial, it has come to the forefront of our national consciousness. Who killed Hae Min Lee? Has Adnan Syed been wrongfully incarcerated? And most conspiratorially — what are we… [Read More]

A Less-Than-Definitive Guide to Christmas Music

Every single Christmas season some brilliant music executive decides that there needs to be a newer, shinier version of an old standard, even though there are literally hundreds of preexisting versions of the same, old standard. Frankly it’s all starting to sound the same. From NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”… [Read More]