My Date With The Desert Dawgs, A Senior Softball Team

Purchasing my plane ticket to Las Vegas for the Senior Softball Championship was exciting. Packing for the trip was anxiety. I’m not an anxious packer, but I always feel a little unsettled when I volunteer my participation, especially when it’s for something as far removed from me as a men’s… [Read More]

The Net Neutrality Manifesto

Internet Service Provider and Internet user, patrician and plebeian, Apple and Samsung, restricted Wi-Fi and Instagram-master, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stand in a constant opposition to one another, carry on an uninterrupted, once hidden, now widely searchable hashtagged fight. A fight that will this time end, either in… [Read More]

Dallas Homophobic Airport Fight Speaks to Gay Marriage Supreme Court Ruling

For those who missed it: last week an angry homophobic man was caught on tape in Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport beating up a passenger he presumed was gay, which then led to the attacker being beaten up by a group attempting to stop him. “Queers is what I’m upset about…. [Read More]

In Silicon Valley We Trust

“I was walking to a team meeting where I was going to announce that we would likely have to lay off nearly all of our employees because we unexpectedly had almost no money left, and that it was all my fault. On the way, my co-founder and our CTO stopped… [Read More]

Maybe Stop Posting Your Opinion Online

The garbage. The amount of garbage clogging our Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds is upsetting. It’s upsetting because number one, it’s garbage. Number two, it’s angry garbage. Number three, it’s a bunch of stupid, uninformed, too-lazy-to-take-a-minute-and-read-a-reliable-source garbage. Lastly, and worst of all, it’s not harmless. It’s mean, anger-filled, and posted with… [Read More]

Praise the Tube

I don’t really watch T.V. I use Netflix and HBOGO and watch certain shows that I like, like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, I do like Scandal I won’t deny that, it’s just one of those addicting shows, like a bad but good romance novel. I like House of Cards, Orange… [Read More]

You’re Making Me Blush, Radio

I take ya girl, kidnap her, feed her to my mattress…Rap and hip hop lyrics don’t have to be this vulgar to make you turn the volume down, blush, or change the station. Something as simple as Jason Derulo’s new release “Wiggle” that sings you know what to do with… [Read More]

Who’s The Asshole Here?

Celebrities have it rough. When we, the simples, say stupid shit to helpless and available ears they usually dismiss it, if they even heard it, and forget it if they retained it for that moment. But celebrities (the important peeps) say stupid shit just like us, except that their words… [Read More]

Start-Up Interviews: Bean Bags and Desques and MacBooks, Oh My!

Finding yourself unemployed in 2014 in New York City will lead you to websites like, and keep your ears open to mentions of million dollar companies looking to hire young and quirky people to join their team, also known as a start-up. I am that seeking, unemployed young adult… [Read More]

I’m Down With You, Louis C.K.

Dear Louis, I recently moved to New York City, and as a newcomer I’ve found your words to be filled with the most guidance. Forget my parents, my friends, you are my light. I’ve been asked on a few dates, which we all know takes a ridiculous amount of courage… [Read More]