Women IRL? Not Really

The other day, I was sitting at my kitchen counter, working on my laptop (read: Facebooking), and eating peanut butter toast. Considering my track record, I deserve a medal of bravery for eating or drinking anything within  feet of my laptop. However, I am a humble individual, so I enjoyed… [Read More]

Sequel Anxiety: It’s a Thing

As Pitch Perfect 2 inches closer to its debut, my anxiety becomes more and more palpable. The first one was good. I saw it for free at an advanced screening, and then I saw it three more times in theaters because I never grew out of that phase when you’re a… [Read More]

Drunk Movie Review: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

I learned a lot in my first DMR – for example, don’t get wasted and see your movie at 8 PM on the Saturday of opening weekend, unless your end goal is bothering literally dozens of people who don’t deserve it. I took that learning and decided to take a day… [Read More]

All The Single Ladies: A Guide for Men and Women

February 14th, 2015 will mark my first Valentine’s Day as a single woman since 2011, so it’s safe to say I’ve been a little preoccupied with the alien feeling of being unattached. While trying to act cooler than I feel has more or less been my M.O. since the age… [Read More]

Celebrity Altruism: The New Standard

When it comes to celebrity stories, nothing ever seems to trump the fables of a Bill Murray sighting. He hops in your Uber car and insists on driving. You throw a house party and suddenly find him in your kitchen. You’re walking down the street and before you realize it,… [Read More]

Abandoning My TV Queue: The Aftermath

There was a brief period of time in my life, spanning roughly 12 years, where television dictated every social and professional decision I made. When I was nannying at 16, the kids were in bed before American Idol was on. In college, I spent more time during finals week binge watching… [Read More]

Navigating the Man Bun: A Guide for Women

Ladies, the man bun fad is fully upon us, and it’s got us swooning, mooning, and spooning man buns across the nation. Men everywhere are rocking a syle us females know all too well. And for some reason that I don’t venture to dissect, we find it attractive. But don’t… [Read More]

Black Friday Recovery: Hope for the Future, Kinda

Is Black Friday the holiday now? It’s the same every year: half of America laments the dismissal of a holiday many of us consider sacred, while the other half eats their turkey in line at Walmart. Either way, it’s all anyone talks about. Plus, all the normal people without a… [Read More]

Drunk Movie Review: ‘Interstellar’

Back in February, I wrote about Matthew McConaughey’s recent string of good decisions, and the article ended with speculation on whether or not his latest project, Interstellar, would continue the trend. The movie has finally been released, and naturally, I longed to sate my curiosity. There was one hiccup. I… [Read More]

Watching ‘The Wire’ Ten Years Too Late: A True Struggle

When the first season of The Wire hit TV in 2002, I was a doe-eyed high school sophomore who cared a lot about glitter eyeshadow and the Luke/Lorelai dynamic on Gilmore Girls. (Exactly one thing has changed since then — I’m not telling you which). I didn’t even become aware… [Read More]