Outdoor Movies are Dumb

This is an opinion.  A correct one.  In an age of Netflix and video on demand there are limited reasons to watch a movie anywhere but from the comfort of your own home, with a loved one (or alone) while looking at your phone. The only reason to not watch a movie… [Read More]

Different Books Should Be Read in Different Ways

Recommending books is an art that too few people have mastered, because it’s easy to ignore all of the moving pieces involved. Who are you recommending the book to? What are they going through, if anything, in their life right now? Is this book for a vacation, a palette cleanser,… [Read More]

A Story About Fashion Between a Rock and a Hard Place

“My outfit is trash,” I heard from the room behind me. Ellis always said shit like that, passive-finessive shit like that. I turned around to him standing in front of a full-length mirror. Most of the pieces I could make out: a cropped, khaki green Saint Laurent bomber, what I… [Read More]

Five Signs of the One Direction Apocalypse

On March 25th — less than four months ago — Zayn announced that he was leaving One Direction. I handled it okay. I knew that everything was going to be fine as long as the four remaining members of this stupid band could hold it together. In a surprising turn… [Read More]

My Date With The Desert Dawgs, A Senior Softball Team

Purchasing my plane ticket to Las Vegas for the Senior Softball Championship was exciting. Packing for the trip was anxiety. I’m not an anxious packer, but I always feel a little unsettled when I volunteer my participation, especially when it’s for something as far removed from me as a men’s… [Read More]

Netflix is a Bad Boyfriend

This is an intervention. I’m here because I care about you. I know Netflix seemed exciting at first, because he showed you all kinds of things you’d never seen before. He was new and different. He let you be yourself. He liked you with no make up, and he never… [Read More]

I Don’t Follow Sports So I Watched ESPN for a Week

I have a handful of pop culture blindspots: theatre, comic books, video games, and sports. Ah, SPORTS! I mean, listen: I can rattle off the names of every player on the 1997 University of Arizona Wildcat Championship team (and what NBA team they ended up on), I can recognize and… [Read More]

The Many Different Types of Instagram Likes

I’ve never really considered myself an easy like on Instagram. I want you to earn that laborious little double tap, you know? I mean, unless you’re @harlowandsage, you better believe that I am putting in at least four seconds of thought before I decide whether or not to like your… [Read More]

The Differences Between Flirting Online and Flirting in Real Life

Flirting is a challenging concept to discuss because of its inherent subtlety, but I’m going to attempt anyway because I respect the possibility of true love. Flirting is what happens when you’re maybe interested in someone and you want to know if they’re maybe interested in you back. That sounds… [Read More]

Are Vibes Real?

Our futuristic world is full of quantitative digital tangibles: number counts of Instagram likes, Facebook friends, retweets, bank account statements, event attendees, and so on. We can accurately assess many details about anything by the records left online. However, standing out against the grain in what we measurably experience through… [Read More]