My Date With The Desert Dawgs, A Senior Softball Team

Purchasing my plane ticket to Las Vegas for the Senior Softball Championship was exciting. Packing for the trip was anxiety. I’m not an anxious packer, but I always feel a little unsettled when I volunteer my participation, especially when it’s for something as far removed from me as a men’s… [Read More]

Confessions of a *Former Secret DeAndre Jordan Admirer

I have a confession to make about DeAndre Jordan. I have hated the lob city incarnation of the Clippers from the moment its pieces first came together. Chris Paul’s transformation from potential Lakers savior to scowling Napoleonic tormenter and Blake Griffin’s thing for Kias and being a wimp will never… [Read More]

I Don’t Follow Sports So I Watched ESPN for a Week

I have a handful of pop culture blindspots: theatre, comic books, video games, and sports. Ah, SPORTS! I mean, listen: I can rattle off the names of every player on the 1997 University of Arizona Wildcat Championship team (and what NBA team they ended up on), I can recognize and… [Read More]

Become NBA Playoff Literate in 3 Minutes

Not everyone has the time to watch every playoff basketsport match. This was definitely acceptable during the first round, but now it’s the semifinals and all four of the current series are riddled with rich storylines, insane highlights, and viral content ripe for the picking. When discussing the playoffs around… [Read More]

Steph Curry’s MVP Speech Puts a Few Clichés into Perspective

Given how stupid he makes guys look on the court, one might expect Steph Curry’s off the court demeanor to resemble more of a Nick “Swaggy P” Young than the NFL’s Russell Wilson. In a Warriors jersey, he’s a callous assassin who’ll pull from 30 feet, right after turning your… [Read More]

What Manny Pacquiao Means to Filipinos

The “most anticipated boxing fight of the century” is happening this Saturday and it’s all my family has been talking about for the last few weeks. After years of wondering if this fight was ever going to happen, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are finally going to face each other… [Read More]

Drake, Wale, and the Art of Holding a Grudge on Social Media

They say that when you put something on the Internet, it’s there forever. I don’t know if that’s true or not (my original Myspace picture went the way of the dodo), but I do know that the lifespan of a joke you make on social media will only be outlasted… [Read More]

The Awful Reality of Rooting for Your Team to Lose

The simplest canon of sports fandom is the unwavering support we exhibit for our favorite teams. It’s a constant that remains, regardless of circumstance, the driving force behind why we watch. If our team is playing, we are cheering for a victory. The decision is so far out of our… [Read More]

5 Foolproof Ways to Make the Right Picks in Your NCAA Bracket

When it comes right down to it, filling out your March Madness bracket is going to be a total crapshoot. The final two weeks of March carry the most frequent use of the term “Cinderella story” because players keep leaving behind glass Jordans after games underdog teams you’ve never heard… [Read More]

Virtual Reality and Lifting the Celebrity Veil

It was unclear why back in March of last year Facebook spent $2 billion to acquire Oculus VR, the company behind the virtual reality gaming headset, Oculus Rift. The popular theory at the time was that Facebook was investing in technology of the future, and would somehow take what Oculus… [Read More]