God, Russell Wilson, and Super Bowl XLIX’s Divine Ending

Well that was without a doubt the craziest end to a Super Bowl I’ve ever seen. Pundits on every sports outlet are going to spend the next week poring over the game parcel-by-parcel, yard-by-yard, trying to explain a fourth quarter that was basically inexplicable. So many stupefying plays in such… [Read More]

Let’s Figure Out Which Songs Katy Perry Will Play at Halftime

As the resident Katy Perry expert (apologist?) at Thelma, I’m tasking myself with predicting what songs KP will perform this Sunday when the world collectively gathers around their Super Bowl halftime livestream to gaze upon The One With the Blue Hair. Actually, I don’t know if she’ll have blue hair…. [Read More]

Black Coffee: My Mornings with ESPN’s ‘First Take’

No matter how many hours of sleep I get, waking up for work in the morning is never easy. A hot shower and breakfast helps, but even after I get to the office, I take the streets’ advice in never forgetting where I came from: my fucking bed! It’s rough,… [Read More]

Searching for Community, Finding Football

The score update was the first thing to flash on to my screen as we got the okay to turn our phones back on. I hustled out of the plane and into Chicago’s mammoth O’Hare airport, with only one goal in mind for my three-hour layover: find a bar. Irish… [Read More]

So You Want to Be a Crowd Star

The brilliant and fleeting 15 minutes of viral fame for random people has always kind of fascinated me. Before DVRs, if you were on television in a crowd somewhere, you might hear about it from a few friends or your grandmother. Now anyone can just rewind and watch it again,… [Read More]

My Love Letter to the Golden State Warriors

My Dearest #GSWHoops, Look how far we’ve come, you and I. We’ve been through lows, lows, lows, and recently some highs. No relationship is perfect, but with your 14 game win streak, flowing ball movement, well-branded players and the word “contenders” on the lips of so many previous doubters, things… [Read More]

The Corporatization of Ugly Sweaters

If you want to see the last stages of a trend’s life, look no further than the ugly sweater. Though you could argue the Christmas non-tradition, born of novelty and kept afloat by social trendiness, has been fading exponentially by year, its true death will come at the hands of… [Read More]

Fall Movies and Their NFL Counterparts

The fall movie season has always been an intriguing one to me. Often, this is when the best films of the year are released, but then they all get shoehorned into a commercial and artistic rat race, trying to hold their own at the box office while earning their directors… [Read More]

5 of the Weirdest NBA Stories From the Season So Far

Now 4 weeks into the 2014-2015 NBA season, there are already so many interesting storylines brewing across the league. For starters, we now know that the Cavs won’t be winning 70 games, the poor man’s Memphis Grizzles are a league best 10-2 and the LA Clippers oddly seem more deflated now… [Read More]

Football Celebrations Are Doomed By Hubris

One of my favorite characters from Greek mythology is the hubristic adventurer Icarus. As the tale goes, Icarus’ father, a master craftsman, fixed him wings composed of wax and feathers so that he might experience the sensation of flight. The only warning Icarus received from his father was to not… [Read More]