Mad Men Probably Got Me Into Advertising

I started Mad Men in June of 2010. I forget who told me I needed to watch it, but I had the show marked on my must-watch list for some time. After finishing up my sophomore year of college, this would be the summer I caught up. I spent that… [Read More]

Beards, Whiskey, and Renaissance Bros

Let’s talk about beards and whiskey. To your grandfather, the two may have nothing in common. But you, you social media savvy 20-something motherfucker, you know that beards and whiskey are the two things milleni-bros are most interested in being interested in. Masculinity isn’t having a renaissance. It’s never gone… [Read More]

We are Advertising

In a recent Moto X commercial, Kanye West’s “Black Skinheads” plays in the background as a sleek and sexy new smartphone flashes across the screen, changing colors and flaunting the customization possibilities available to those who purchase the new Motorola (aka Google) device. Initially, it feels a little strange that… [Read More]