So You Want to Fall in Love at a Music Festival

I wake up this morning to write a piece on finding love at music festivals and I sit down at my computer still fuming from the news that The Weeknd brought out Kanye during his set at Day 2 Weekend 2 of Coachella. My left eye is literally twitching and… [Read More]

Quiz: Superhero Movie Subtitle or EDM Concert

Superhero movies and EDM concerts have a lot in common. They are dumb, they make a lot of money, people die, and they advertise themselves with grandiose, intergalactic, and ambitiously meaningful words. As we approach festival and blockbuster season, we’ve put together a little quiz to test whether you can… [Read More]

The Coachella Debate: Bros & Cons

When did Coachella become a divisive subject? Somehow we can’t even agree on whether or not a three-day music festival in the middle of the desert is a good idea. Andy Verderosa doesn’t think you go, Sasha Bortnik does. Andy: I feel like the general momentum of the internet has… [Read More]

Blink-182 Should Headline Coachella

[youtube=] I’ve been meaning to make this argument for some time now, and just as I was beginning to formulate what I wanted to say, the news broke that Outkast will be reuniting at Coachella. This is a true gift from the writing gods because I really had no basis… [Read More]


I attended Weekend One of Coachella this year with a full understanding of what it would mean at face value. Sadly, when classifying fans of live music, there seems to be a consensus now that only two types exist: those who go to Coachella, and those who don’t (feel free… [Read More]