How to Destroy Love like a Millennial

If you google “Millennial Dating,” the results are article after article after article about all the problems with it: fear of intimacy, fear of vulnerability, left swiping, ghosting, phubbing… the list goes on and the words get dumber, and it all has to do with how we young folks hide… [Read More]

Tips to Avoid Cuffing Season

If you’re my mom or if you don’t know what cuffing season is, cuffing season is that time of the year when it gets cold and 20-somethings don’t want to be single. It is a one night stand that lasts throughout the winter months. Cuffing season benefits those who are… [Read More]

Do Girls Actually Use LuLu?

A year or two ago a friend’s girlfriend showed me my profile on LuLu, an app in which women review men. I was taken aback and immediately full of questions. Was there really some sort of secret society of digital women judging my every move? I understood why my humor might be ranked so… [Read More]

Which Rapper Should Kendall Jenner Date?

It seems like the most important Kardashian of the next ten years will be Kendall. The biological offspring of Kris and Bruce, Kendall’s upside knows no bounds. What Kendall will do, one can only speculate. Figuring out who she will date, however, is a bit easier. With Kim and Khloe… [Read More]