Living a Purposeful Pop Culture Life

The first time I ever went first at a four-way stop I was 22. I remember it so clearly: it was an autumn zing of a day, the kind where the world just feels like one giant sigh of contentment.  I sidled up to the four-way stop near my apartment… [Read More]

The Stories We Tell About Our Pets

I have two cats. The older one, Lil, is a straight up broad. She is assertive, entitled, fiercely loyal, and, I suspect, on the lower end of the Autism spectrum. The younger one, Lucy, is a total dork. She sticks her tongue out when she concentrates and exhales sharply out… [Read More]

The Best Laid Data Plans

I recently found myself in a sitcom-style family meeting, the theme of which was a shared data plan. How modern and annoying! The meeting was called when we exceeded 10 GB of data usage during one monthly billing cycle, incurring several additional $15 charges. Since I was the main offender,… [Read More]

Open Vs. Closed Social Networks

Almost every website you visit or app you use nowadays is more or less a social network. The comment sections on Complex not only host heated arguments between strangers, but also familiar foes who maintain years-long debates about whether Kimye is good or bad for the US economy. Even when… [Read More]

The Many Different Types of Instagram Likes

I’ve never really considered myself an easy like on Instagram. I want you to earn that laborious little double tap, you know? I mean, unless you’re @harlowandsage, you better believe that I am putting in at least four seconds of thought before I decide whether or not to like your… [Read More]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Meta

In between the soul-crushing self-esteem issues (thanks, puberty) and growing out my hair, then cutting it off, then growing it out again, my memories of middle school are very few and extremely far between. It was a time full of discomfort, exhilaration, and weird body odors that I have deliberately… [Read More]

Women IRL? Not Really

The other day, I was sitting at my kitchen counter, working on my laptop (read: Facebooking), and eating peanut butter toast. Considering my track record, I deserve a medal of bravery for eating or drinking anything within  feet of my laptop. However, I am a humble individual, so I enjoyed… [Read More]

Pop Culture Winnows Out the Chaff

I have this friend* who, in response to anything she finds extra, vehemently asserts, “girl, do less. Just do less.” Though our friendship is rather nascent—we originally became friends drunkenly bonding over Kanye and grapefruit beer Homecoming weekend, as one does—she has had a sizable effect on both my Weltanschauung† and vernacular…. [Read More]

Notification is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

In a world where we’re growing increasingly afraid of real human interaction, that little colored box at the top of your feed means everything. While a genuinely paid compliment from a close friend is always welcomed, somehow, ten Twitter favorites from complete strangers that require the smallest possible amount of… [Read More]

Selling My Digital Soul

It’s very important to me personally that everyone know: the Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive is a revolution in shaving technology. The five “ultra guide blades” ensure a close shave while the “aloe skin guards” and “hydrating gel reservoir” leave skin smooth and irritation free. Truly, the modern razor has reached… [Read More]