10 Things I Hate About Your Phone

1. There’s these neat things called folders. Have you heard of them? Maybe you haven’t, because judging by the 234 apps you have on 17 separate swipe screens, you are living under a folder-sized rock. Do your thumbs ever get tired from all that swiping? Do you ever have trouble… [Read More]

Are Vibes Real?

Our futuristic world is full of quantitative digital tangibles: number counts of Instagram likes, Facebook friends, retweets, bank account statements, event attendees, and so on. We can accurately assess many details about anything by the records left online. However, standing out against the grain in what we measurably experience through… [Read More]

BlackBerry is Officially the RiFF RAFF of the Mobile Market

In case you were still fooling around with your new iPhone trying to figure out how to meta-delete inappropriate photos in iOS8, you might’ve missed that BlackBerry is spinning out some new hardware of its own. With its awkwardly square design, the aptly named Passport is BlackBerry’s first real take on… [Read More]

What I Learned about Kim Kardashian from Playing Her New iPhone Game

Have you always dreamed of riding silk chiffon (more likely wax leather) coattails down Rodeo Drive rubbing shoulders with the Kardashian Klan all aflutter over your Twitter follower count and the latest homewrecker bomb to be lobbed at you? Now you can continue not doing those things, but ease the… [Read More]