Mad Men Probably Got Me Into Advertising

I started Mad Men in June of 2010. I forget who told me I needed to watch it, but I had the show marked on my must-watch list for some time. After finishing up my sophomore year of college, this would be the summer I caught up. I spent that… [Read More]

Will The Last Scene of ‘Mad Men’ Ruin Our Lives?

Don Draper doesn’t love me. I’ve foolishly become far too invested in every inch of his psyche, and in less than two weeks he’s going to kiss me and tell me to order myself some breakfast, and then walk out of my life forever. With the series finale approaching, I’ve… [Read More]

How to Cure the Sunday Night Blues

Contrary to popular belief, I am extremely delightful to be around. I’m even fun on Sunday nights, which are super tough for people who don’t have real problems. None of my friends are ever truly happy, but they are unhappiest on Sunday nights. Monday is irrefutably the worst day of… [Read More]

Mad About Being Mad About ‘Mad Men’

The other day I read a fantastic article by Andy Greenwald of Grantland about what complexities and secrecy have made Mad Men (in his opinion) the best show on television. Now, I’m a huge fan of television, much like Greenwald himself—but I used to pay little attention to what the… [Read More]