Netflix is a Bad Boyfriend

This is an intervention. I’m here because I care about you. I know Netflix seemed exciting at first, because he showed you all kinds of things you’d never seen before. He was new and different. He let you be yourself. He liked you with no make up, and he never… [Read More]

When I Was Unemployed For Eight Months (As Told By My Netflix Queue)

I was unemployed for more of 2014 than I wasn’t. Eight long months, to be exact. I wrapped up my political journalism internship in D.C. full of the hope of the New Year, confident that I would land one of the dream entertainment reporting jobs I was currently going through… [Read More]

Predicting Your Impending House of Cards Season 2 Binge

This Friday, which happens to be Valentine’s Day, Netflix will push all 13 Season 2 House of Cards episodes to its servers. As with all V-Days, this timing is either awesome or frustrating depending on your relationship status. Furthermore, due to this give-them-everything model of release, the collective pop culture… [Read More]