An Internet Idiot

I know how Facebook uses my information to make money (offering highly targeted advertisements to companies like Chubbies who want to sell shorts to 24 year olds that like their competitors brands). I know who people are dissing when they subtweet (just look at who they were tweeting nice things… [Read More]

The Many Different Types of Instagram Likes

I’ve never really considered myself an easy like on Instagram. I want you to earn that laborious little double tap, you know? I mean, unless you’re @harlowandsage, you better believe that I am putting in at least four seconds of thought before I decide whether or not to like your… [Read More]

Pop Culture Winnows Out the Chaff

I have this friend* who, in response to anything she finds extra, vehemently asserts, “girl, do less. Just do less.” Though our friendship is rather nascent—we originally became friends drunkenly bonding over Kanye and grapefruit beer Homecoming weekend, as one does—she has had a sizable effect on both my Weltanschauung† and vernacular…. [Read More]

Prince Ea is a Hypocrite, But aren’t We All?

Prince Ea’s most popular video (above), “Can We Autocorrect Humanity?”, asks a lot of important/alliterated/rhymed questions: Are our touch screens making us lose touch? Who’s telling us we can only post old photos on Thursday? Do we have the patience to have a “cnvrstn” without “abbrvtn”? Or vowels for that… [Read More]

Do Girls Actually Use LuLu?

A year or two ago a friend’s girlfriend showed me my profile on LuLu, an app in which women review men. I was taken aback and immediately full of questions. Was there really some sort of secret society of digital women judging my every move? I understood why my humor might be ranked so… [Read More]

PHHHOTO and Exploring New Social Media Networks

Before social media went mainstream, communities interacted through forums centered around specific interests, comments on sites like ebaumsworld, and internet chatrooms. Following this sort of internet stone age, digital networks built around the people we see in our daily lives became popular at scale. First MySpace allowed us to share pictures… [Read More]

Maybe Stop Posting Your Opinion Online

The garbage. The amount of garbage clogging our Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds is upsetting. It’s upsetting because number one, it’s garbage. Number two, it’s angry garbage. Number three, it’s a bunch of stupid, uninformed, too-lazy-to-take-a-minute-and-read-a-reliable-source garbage. Lastly, and worst of all, it’s not harmless. It’s mean, anger-filled, and posted with… [Read More]

Selling My Digital Soul

It’s very important to me personally that everyone know: the Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive is a revolution in shaving technology. The five “ultra guide blades” ensure a close shave while the “aloe skin guards” and “hydrating gel reservoir” leave skin smooth and irritation free. Truly, the modern razor has reached… [Read More]

We’re All Worrying Too Much About How We Post Online

No one is watching your every move. Sure, maybe big brother is. Maybe the government is. Maybe the person that’s got a serious crush/obsession with you is. But the real truth is that unless you’re Barack Obama or a celebrity on par with him, no one really cares that your… [Read More]

How To Sub-Tweet across Social Media

Sub-tweeting is arguably the most important communicative currency we have in 2013. We could spend hours debating about what constitute a sub-tweet, but for the sake of brevity here is the urban dictionary definition: The shortening of “subliminal tweet” which is directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their… [Read More]