My Date With The Desert Dawgs, A Senior Softball Team

Purchasing my plane ticket to Las Vegas for the Senior Softball Championship was exciting. Packing for the trip was anxiety. I’m not an anxious packer, but I always feel a little unsettled when I volunteer my participation, especially when it’s for something as far removed from me as a men’s… [Read More]

I Don’t Follow Sports So I Watched ESPN for a Week

I have a handful of pop culture blindspots: theatre, comic books, video games, and sports. Ah, SPORTS! I mean, listen: I can rattle off the names of every player on the 1997 University of Arizona Wildcat Championship team (and what NBA team they ended up on), I can recognize and… [Read More]

Behind Enemy Lines: An Away Fan’s Plight

SO I got playoff tickets to see the Warriors host the Nuggets in game 4 of their first round series last week. Normally the build up to a game like this is super exciting for any sports fan—playoff games are tighter, there’s much more on the line, and every play… [Read More]