The Best Laid Data Plans

I recently found myself in a sitcom-style family meeting, the theme of which was a shared data plan. How modern and annoying! The meeting was called when we exceeded 10 GB of data usage during one monthly billing cycle, incurring several additional $15 charges. Since I was the main offender,… [Read More]

The Unofficial Guide to Playing Music at Parties

Much like sports or politics, music can be very divisive. Living room debates about how such and such song is better than another, or how so and so’s new album would have been a classic if x, y and z, are just part of the listening experience for many. And… [Read More]

Not Trying to Sound Ungrateful, but C’mon Spotify

The best $10 I spend each month is on Spotify premium. I probably listen to music for 60 hours a week: 5-6 hours a day at work, another hour at home, and at least a few hours each day on the weekend. That breaks down to 16 cents an hour…. [Read More]

Examining Spotify’s “Falling in Love” Playlist

I’ve spent the last few hours listening to a series of love songs. More specifically, the Spotify playlists titled “Falling in Love” made by the Romeos over at Spotify. Why? Maybe because I’m a masochist, but also because there 24,606 people subscribed to this playlist, meaning that these 17 tracks… [Read More]

How To Sub-Tweet across Social Media

Sub-tweeting is arguably the most important communicative currency we have in 2013. We could spend hours debating about what constitute a sub-tweet, but for the sake of brevity here is the urban dictionary definition: The shortening of “subliminal tweet” which is directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their… [Read More]

Following the Fairer Sex Down a Spotify Rabbit Hole

Something interesting has happened with my music taste lately, and although I’m not quite sure how I got there, I have to say that I’m 100% down with it. Undoubtedly as a result of a series of Spotify radio rabbit holes, I’ve found myself on a new listening binge: female… [Read More]

Surrendering to Spotify

Last Sunday I was in a good mood, a really good mood.  A mood good enough to purchase something stupid.  When the Urban Outfitters ‘sale’ section proved underwhelming I took out my CC and bought the next most illogical thing: Spotify Premium. I fought the free version of Spotify for… [Read More]