How to Destroy Love like a Millennial

If you google “Millennial Dating,” the results are article after article after article about all the problems with it: fear of intimacy, fear of vulnerability, left swiping, ghosting, phubbing… the list goes on and the words get dumber, and it all has to do with how we young folks hide… [Read More]

How to Date When You’re Afraid of Dating Apps

Amy Schumer was recently on Ellen, and upon being asked if she was dating, she answered, “No, I’m not on any of the dating websites.” This made me panic. Because Amy Schumer is kind of my Messiah based on everything else she said on Ellen that day, and she said it… [Read More]

Jobr is for Lovrs

When a friend introduced me to an app called Jobr, I thought she was messing with me. She dubbed it ‘an unholy lovechild between LinkedIn and Tinder, spawned in the most debased, Google-glassiest annals of Silicon Valley.’ It turned out to be a fairly accurate description. Copying the “swipe-left, swipe-right”… [Read More]

2013’s 3 Most Life Changing Apps

We’ve been using our phones to seamlessly network with digital information and content for what seems like ages. A big development this past year has been our tiny handheld computers helping us accomplish increasingly tangible tasks. Now the capability to instantly find a restaurant, a ride there, and even a… [Read More]

Finding Tinderella

Tinder is an app that presents its users with a virtual stack of photos of potential suitors and bachelorettes. Accompanying each photo/profile is an area to write a paragraph about yourself and also lists of your shared Facebook Likes and mutual friends. Mostly, however, Tinder is about judging people based… [Read More]