How to Cope When Your Celeb Crush Turns Problematic

If you know me, and you’re good at picking up on subtlety, you know that from time to time, I’ve expressed a totally casual, passing interest in Vince Vaughn. Are me and Vince Vaughn astrologically compatible I will literally change my birthday — Colleen Healy (@leenie11) April 15, 2015 And… [Read More]

The ‘Southern Reach’ Trilogy and the Benefits of Weird Fiction

I am writing this article for purely selfish reasons. I want someone to talk about these books with because literary discussion is one need I refuse to let the Internet fill. For the most rabid fans of True Detective, the season 2 premiere can’t come quickly enough. As one of those… [Read More]

NFL Playoffs, Golden Globes, Downton, Girls: I Watched 11 Straight Hours of TV Yesterday

Yo, yesterday was a crazy day of TV. At 10:56pm the Golden Globes gave out its final award, Best Picture, to 12 Years a Slave, a great movie that I haven’t seen yet because my family didn’t want to watch something so heavy during the holidays. Like the movie itself,… [Read More]