How to Cure the Sunday Night Blues

Contrary to popular belief, I am extremely delightful to be around. I’m even fun on Sunday nights, which are super tough for people who don’t have real problems. None of my friends are ever truly happy, but they are unhappiest on Sunday nights. Monday is irrefutably the worst day of… [Read More]

‘Game of Thrones’ Characters As Things That Are Happening This Spring

Game of Thrones is a cool show. It’s a fine show. I watch it. You probably do too. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you tried to match Game of Thrones characters with other relevant content? I wonder this all the time. But instead of just picking one… [Read More]

‘Veep’ is Both a Cartoon and a Documentary

SPOILERS “Someone has just flown two planes into my career.” This is the type of joke that’s pretty much taboo in today’s world, and there’s not much explanation needed for why. 9/11, regardless of how much time has passed, just isn’t funny. It never will be. So why is that… [Read More]

House of Cards Vs. Veep: What TV Has Taught Me About The Vice Presidency

Television viewers these days seem to have an affection for the second in charge, what with Veep winning two Emmys last season and everyone on earth losing their shit over the most recent season of House of Cards. One is a farcical 30 minute comedy, the other a dark and… [Read More]