Today, a brilliant picture of Larry David at Sunday’s Knicks-Spurs games made its rounds on the world wide web. In it, not only is he sporting a classic apathetic Larry David look, but he’s featured with a great supporting cast. From left to right: Nelly, Anthony Anderson, cute random girl, Justin Bartha/The Hangover‘s married man/Nicholas Cage’s sidekick in National Treasure. And Larry David. It’s impossible to know exactly what LD is thinking in this moment, but it’s likely one (or all) of ten things:

  1. Where am I?
  2. Did Nick Cage’s sidekick just fart on me?
  3. Would it be wrong for me to turn around and punch this kid for pulling my hair?
  4. Shaq isn’t playing, right? No chance I’ll trip him?
  5. Where the hell is Jeff with my nachos?
  6. Who gets this excited at a dunk? The man is seven feet tall!
  7. There’s a coffee mug ring stain on the court.
  8. I really am a victim of circumstance.
  9. Richard Lewis would hate this.
  10. Eh.

To be fair, this was only a snapshot of LD’s night. Turns out he did have a pretty good time:


All right, LD. All right.