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As we all know, Tim Duncan is quite possibly the greatest basketball player of his generation (with apologies to Kobe Bean Bryant). Aside from the fact that he’s currently in his sixth Finals appearance, 15 years after his first one, he’s an all-around great guy with a higher voice than you probably first expected. He knows the fundamentals. He knows the mental game. He knows his body’s limitations at age 38. He knows all of this and maximizes everything he’s got to be dominant whenever he steps onto the court.

As with all legends, however, his playing days must end eventually. Although basketball fans would love nothing more than to see Duncan and Gregg Popovich win their 5th championship together in a matter of days, then ride off into the sunset together on a shining white horse, they both have to do something after retirement, right? There’s life after basketball, and Tim has to be ready.

We can’t in good conscience divulge how, but Andy Verderosa and I have obtained exclusive access to Tim Duncan’s updated resume. We don’t know if this guarantees for sure that he plans to retire at the end of the Finals, but clearly he’s making sure he’s prepared for whatever comes his way. Call your recruiters, call your head hunters, because this guy is qualified for anything:

Tim Duncan Resume