Now that Season 4 of Game of Thrones is over for the year, let’s take a look at what some of our favorite characters are up to this summer:

Jon Snow

*EXCLUSIVE* Kit Harrington steps out for an Early Morning Breakfast with a blonde [NO Canada, NO Germany, NO Austria]

Pierced by the biting final words of his ex-girlfriend (not pictured), Jon is taking summer classes at his local community college in the hopes he can eventually get a degree in Philosophy. Good luck buddy! I think you know some things, at least!

Jamie and Cersei Lannister


The Lannister twins are packing up their Winnebago and driving through all 48 contiguous states. So crazy, I bet they’ll come back with some great stories!

Tyrion Lannister and Varys


Tyrion and Varys are going sailing in the Caribbean together. Who knew Tyrion was such a nautical man!

Brandon Stark


Bran is taking a vacation and entering Hodor’s mind for the summer so he can properly hit the gym and get some confidence as he enters his crucial teenage years. Little weird, but good for him!

Arya Stark

"Game Of Thrones" Season 4 New York Premiere - Arrivals

Arya is re-enacting the events of Kill Bill Vol. 1-2, but with her own “list.” Pretty creative spin on the original movies. They’re so good!

Daenerys Targaryen


Daeny is taking her babies to Dragon School so they can get through their mommy/child issues. I think it’s a pretty touchy subject but I hope it all works out!

Jorah Mormont


Jorah has rented a secluded cabin in the woods for the summer and says he’s going to write a sci-fi book. I’m not sure if that means he has an idea yet but I can’t wait to read it!

Ramsay Bolton and Reek


These two inseparable kids are backpacking through South America for two months. I’m sure they’ll meet some pretty cool people along the way!

Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark


Petyr is taking Sansa to his summer house on Myrtle Beach. So romantic!

Stannis Baratheon


Stannis plans to work on his golf swing at the country club all summer. I keep telling him he needs to bend his knees, what a stubborn guy!

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne


These two have committed to seeing a baseball game at every major league ballpark over the next couple months. So cool, I hope they catch a few foul balls!

Sam Tarly and Gilly


The lovebirds are off to Sam’s childhood summer camp to be counselors for the summer, where the baby will be pretty safe and happy. So cute!

HAGS everybody!!!