While Lebron signing is great for the city of Cleveland and its fans, there are way more winners of “The Letter” than you might expect. Here are the real winners.


He owns a minority stake in the Cavs. More like U Got it GOOD, Ursher BB.

Johnny Manziel

Nike’s Ad Agency, Weiden + Kennedy


Diddy always wins. That’s rule number one. Bad boys for life.

The girl on the hook on that Diddy song

Let Skylar eat.

Drew Carey

You gotta be happy for Drew Carey

Anderson Verajao

Andy is the only remaining player left on the Cavs from the first Bron era. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a little thing called patience.

Drake, probably

Somehow Drake is involved. Just not sure how. Not yet at least.

Brandon Dubinsky

What a huge day for Ohio sports signings, as the Columbus Blue Jackets resign Forward, Brandon Dubinsky to a six-year 35.1M deal.

Ryan Gosling

He put a baby inside Eva Mendes. Ryan Gosling is the winner, sorry.